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The Dance of the Butterflies

Welcome! Today we’ll enjoy our cuppa & reflection in the lovely Sunshine under our flowering Jacaranda.

We have our favourite cuppa’s in hand, mine is a Japanese black tea flavoured with apple.

And we have some gf Carrot cake with delicious icing to accompany our cuppas.

As we enjoy the warmth of our early Summer sun here on the East coast of Australia, that isn’t too hot, we can hear the symphony of Cicadas in the nearby woodland.

We also notice first one, then many Butterflies fluttering & dancing around us.

They’re of the White Butterfly variety, here in Australia their common name is the White Cabbage Butterfly.

Named because in their caterpillar stage of development they are ferocious eaters of all varieties of the cabbage family in vegetable plots across the land.

They’re considered a pest here for this reason as they’re not native to Australia but arrived on our shores by default in the early 1900s. 

However, today I think they’re delightful in their fluttering dance with each other around us!

white butterflies flying

Which gave me much food for thought…

The Dance 

At this time of year there are many things to do, to go to, to prepare for, that are fluttering & dancing around us.

All vying for our attention & sadly instead of delights they become pests!

And unfortunately when we feel harassed, we can become tense & impatient! Hmmmm…

Especially within Relationships 

You may enjoy the following Sailing experience that highlights what can happen in relationships when miscommunication arises…

Language of relationships…

Until next time,


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