A Marathon?

Welcome to my abode! We are going to have a wonderful time so grab yourself a hot beverage, make yourself comfy & join me... I have a new tea blend to try today, it's a fruit tea with Passionfruit, Mango & Orange. My treat is a gf fruit bun, toasted, with real creamery butter melting... Continue Reading →

Retreat! Retreat!

Today we are having a mini retreat by retreating into a big comfy chair & putting our feet up, enjoying a large cup of our favourite beverage & munchies. Mine is a mug of Earl Grey & a bowl of salted caramel popcorn! I need to just sit & have some time out... Do you? To... Continue Reading →

Know Your Body’s Capacity

Welcome, today we are doing something slightly different, I am going to share my professional & personal experience...to bring awareness to the issues that many are living with... So grab your favorite beverage, a treat & sit with me while we share the following reflection together... If you've been traveling with me here, then you... Continue Reading →

What’s Your Focus?

Well hello, how lovely of you to join me. Grab your cuppa & get comfy & reflect with me for awhile. My choice for our time together is an unusual herbal tea, made from branches of a shrub & bean pods. This tea has its origins in South Africa Made from the branches of the... Continue Reading →

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