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Gifts For You

Merry Christmas! It's the season for giving so I thought the following were perfect gifts for you my friend! These are to relax with now or anytime during the holidays... I would like to introduce you to some amazing & talented writers in the blogging community...Their stories of personal resilience, passion & experience are great… Continue reading Gifts For You

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Sleep strategies…

Welcome! Today we are going to reflect upon that necessary but at times an allusive state...Sleep. And what it actually does for our body, mind & spirit with some useful tips to help us get that deep restorative sleep that we all so desperately need. First, let's get our cuppa's, with the winds blowing from… Continue reading Sleep strategies…

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Learning is the First step to Awareness

Hi, welcome to our time of tea & reflection dear friend! Today we're reflecting upon a very important topic which is relevant to all! Did you know that Dementia is the most concerning disease of our time? So much so, that researchers around the world are joining forces to try & alleviate the risk of… Continue reading Learning is the First step to Awareness