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Are you feeling the Peace & Good Will?

Welcome dear friend I have a lovely cuppa & delicious treat prepared for our special Christmas tea together.

Today, we have a pot of a spicy tea blended with cloves, cinnamon & spices or coffee, if you prefer, accompanied by a selection of Christmas sweet treats.

The tea is delightfully aromatic & the treats bring memories of Christmases past.

We are seated in our dining room which has large glass doors overlooking the front garden.

We are watching a cheeky Australian Wattle bird fluttering around my blueberry bush picking its own berry-licious treats to feed its chick on a nearby branch.


In this season of Christmas we hear & see the following quote everywhere;

“Peace on earth & good will amongst men…” 

the Angels sang.

Luke 2:14

Let me ask the following questions;

Is this peace & good will only for the season of Christmas? And do we actually feel it?

Looking at the headlines & listening to the News we know planet Earth does not have peace!

So did the Angels get it wrong?

Did Jesus’ birth just culminate in an annual celebration of gifts, feasting & caroling that give us warm feelings in the moment?

I mean hasn’t there been wars throughout history since Jesus walked the Earth, right up to this present day with the war in the Ukraine?

Let us explore & reflect upon these questions as we sip our cuppa’s together.

I think we need to start with Jesus after all it’s His birthday we’re celebrating!

As He is the;

Christ, meaning the Anointed One in the word Christmas


the mas meaning sent,

the Anointed One sent

= Christmas. 

words on a christmas bauble

So why was Jesus sent?

Our Creator known as God (Yahweh) the Father sent His Son, Jesus Christ because only His Son could repair the broken relationship that had occurred between mankind & God in the Garden (full story Genesis 3).

Jesus Christ accomplished this while on Earth through His miraculous birth, inspiring life, sacrificial death on the cross for all mankind, raising from death & ascending (returning) to the Father (full account in the Gospel of Luke).

And He continues to mediate for us today in Heaven.

So, the peace on earth & good will amongst men that the Angels sang about at Jesus birth is the gift of Jesus Himself, the anointed One sent by God!

He is the peace & good will sent to us!

His peace & good will is still available to us today through His Spirit all year round (Acts 1 & 2).

I do realize that it takes a step of faith to accept God’s precious gift of peace & goodwill in Jesus;

Faith is believing, accepting & asking His Son, Jesus Christ into our life.

Which brings us into a very deep & personal relationship with God the Father through Jesus.

So my friend, my prayer for you this Christmas is; that you may know the peace of God.

And His good will becomes your reality in every season of  life whether you already know Him or are yet to.

You can join me in Prayer now.

Until next time,


You’re most welcome to join me in The Reading Nook

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