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Welcome! This site is for those who are looking for encouragement in life’s ups and downs. Who need to just sit, linger and reflect awhile, joining me in a time of tea & reflection.


A little bit about myself;

Tea and treat times are my favorite times of each day. I like to have morning reflections, meditating upon life’s journey while relishing a cup of my favorite Earl Grey tea or a fragrant tea of my choice. I use these times to reflect and ponder all things in life.

I am a wife, mother, grandmother and a registered clinical counselor, supervisor & therapist with many years of professional experience. I am on the greatest faith adventure of my life with Jesus. I’m also a writer & author with two published works.*

I love to write, I find it immensely relaxing and therapeutic. I am a strong advocate for journaling either in written or creative formats for those who enjoy getting thoughts, feelings and ideas in permanent journals, artwork, blogs or just to be able to clear their head space.

My husband and I have a blended family of which has grown to include many grandchildren. We live in a picturesque seaside village on the east coast of Australia.

My published works;

I  go to prepare a place for you”  John 14:2 *

Is the story of my near death experience in giving birth to my son who was born sleeping, including the events leading up to this experience. Which included the death of my daughter twelve months prior to this who was also born sleeping.

I openly share the exciting, encouraging & inspirational events I experienced, through the time the medical staff were working very hard to bring me back to this life.

This is a book, for those who want a deeper knowledge and understanding of a profoundly significant spiritual experience. Enjoy reading a glimpse in my post Eternity


“A time to Mourn & A time to Dance, A personal Journey” Ecc 3:4 *

Is my personal journal written during my journey through my late husband’s terminal illness with brain cancer, his death & the ensuing grief that followed.

This is an encouraging journal for those who are grieving the loss of a loved one or those who want to understand and have more insight into the process of grief. I have added professional notes and advice within the journal. Including a space for you to journal your personal story, if you so wish, as it is very therapeutic & healing to do so.

I look forward to our times of tea & reflection together…you’re most welcome to join me now for an Iced Wine tea  or in Challenging days…really!




* Both books will be available through this site when stocks are replenished. At present stocks are completely exhausted & both are out of print.

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