Meet Jennifer

Hi, come on in, I have a pot of tea brewing for us, so pull up a chair & join me…enjoying a cup of freshly brewed tea with a friend is my favorite thing to do.

If you’re looking for thought provoking & inspirational reflections on life then you’ve come to the right place!

Pondering significant & challenging moments that come to us in the everyday rhythms of life over a cuppa is such a delight.

I’ve had many such delightful & challenging moments, as I’m sure you have had my friend.

Though the greatest challenge was facing the deaths of two of my children within twelve months of each other, my daughter Candy & son Benjamin. And then the death of my late husband to brain cancer, these were very significant challenges indeed.

However, the most defining moment of my life was when I realized the greatest love story that has ever existed, existed for me personally…

Beginning an adventure in faith, hope & love that I’m still traveling to this day. This relationship has been the saving grace throughout all the significant & challenging moments of my life!

My Professional Life

My profession over the last three decades has been Clinical Counseling, presently on sabbatical, due to living with Fibromyalgia, more info Here.


I enjoy writing & have had the privilege of authoring a few published works.

My husband & I have a blended family of many adult children, their partners & many grandchildren.

We live in the most picturesque seaside village on the east coast of Australia.

I look forward to our regular times of tea & reflections on life, love & laughter together my friend…

You’re most welcome to continue our cuppa now in The Reading Nook where you can enjoy a complimentary read of my vignette publication.


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