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Times are a Changing!

Welcome my friend, as I recover from this RSI I thought we would have a delightful cuppa together over the waters of the Bay.

We’re sitting in a quaint little café that is actually built on piers.

We can hear the gentle lapping of the waves under our feet.

Although, it’s not always this calm & serene.

We had a huge electrical storm go through the other night with flashes of lightening, loud angry claps of thunder, whistling wind & heavy rain.

Signs of change

At the moment we are experiencing seasonal change that comes with the beginning of our Australian Summer.

The forecast & weather conditions are heralding a different type of Summer this year.

Instead of our normal dry hot Summer it’s looking to be a wet cool Summer.

Changing seasons come to us all, don’t they?

But thankfully there are some things that never change.

And that’s wisdom, we have been left pearls of wisdom by those who have previously weathered the storms in life.

I was reading one such pearl this morning.

It was informing us to take courage & not to be afraid of things in life that seem overwhelming.

Let me set the scene for you…

cafe terrace against port at seaside during sunset

The Witness accounts

The students being seasoned Sailers had been sent on ahead by their Teacher, to sail across the lake to get some rest in the little town on the opposite shore.

They were approximately halfway to their destination when a huge storm suddenly hit with such veracity it took them completely off guard.

They struggled against the power of the wind & waves that were fiercely tossing the boat to near breaking point…

Earlier, their Teacher had stayed behind, having had an exhausting day of teaching & being responsible for catering for the huge crowd that had gathered.

Catering for such a crowd, which was miraculous in itself, came from one child’s lunch that feed over five thousand!

But after sending the students off to cross the lake, to get some rest, He had stayed behind to make sure the crowd left safely.

As He waved the last of the crowd goodbye, He took some time to draw apart into the nearby hills to pray.

As He headed down to the shore again, in the early hours of the morning, He saw that the students now in the middle of the lake were in deep trouble.

He left the shore, walking towards the boat on the lake!

Let’s just pause for a moment here, did you catch that;

He walked upon the waters of the lake & miraculously fed thousands!

In the meantime, the students were reaching exhaustion trying to row against the power of the storm, having lowered the sails so they wouldn’t be ripped to shreds.

As they struggled to gain control of the boat, they caught a glimpse of a figure coming towards them, walking on the water, they were absolutely terror stricken & screamed out in fear as they thought it was a ghost!

It wasn’t until their Teacher called out to them that they recognized Him…

In the midst of the battle we often misunderstand God’s intentions for us!

However, in that very moment they heard & recognised their Teacher, Jesus Christ’s voice, allowing Him to enter the boat when He calms the storm (Mark 6: 34-52).

So how does this apply to us today?

You may have gleaned by now, this wisdom is very relevant for us.

Times are rapidly changing.

Many disturbing things are happening around the world & in our own lives that often leave us feeling overwhelmed.

These overwhelming storms may toss us on a sea of fear & anxiety.

And may take us completely off guard, taking the form of financial crises, health issues, mental health challenges, relationship issues or the loss of loved Ones.

But what we need to ask ourselves is the following;

Are we recognising His voice in the midst of the storm?

He calms the storm

Whatever circumstances we are in, in this rapidly changing world dear friend, whether we have known Him for a long while or are yet to know Him.

Jesus, God with us, is the calm for all the storms that will ever come our way!

We just need to recognise His voice & allow Him to enter into the boat (our heart)!


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16 thoughts on “Times are a Changing!

  1. Two things are for sure: life will always be full of change, and Jesus will always be with us in those changes. I don’t always like change, but I always like Jesus to be with me in those changes. I definitely need his wisdom. Thanks for sharing this encouragement here, Jennifer.

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  2. “In the midst of the battle we often misunderstand God’s intentions for us. ” Oh amen! Thank you for catching my attention and helping me to once again look up to Him. His purposes still stand firm. Blessings and prayers for continued recovery!

    Liked by 1 person

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