The Dance of the Butterflies

Welcome! Today we'll enjoy our cuppa & reflection in the lovely Sunshine under our flowering Jacaranda. We have our favourite cuppa's in hand, mine is a Japanese black tea flavoured with apple. And we have some gf Carrot cake with delicious icing to accompany our cuppas. As we enjoy the warmth of our early Summer... Continue Reading →

Times are a Changing!

Welcome my friend, as I recover from this RSI I thought we would have a delightful cuppa together over the waters of the Bay. We're sitting in a quaint little cafĂ© that is actually built on piers. We can hear the gentle lapping of the waves under our feet. Although, it's not always this calm... Continue Reading →

Language of relationships…

Welcome! We are sitting at the waterfront today. Watching the Sailing Club with their boats out on the bay racing around the point & back. Sipping iced tea & munching on a variety of treats. I had a conversation recently with a lady who was lamenting over the fact that her & her husband rarely... Continue Reading →

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