When the journey ahead looks scary

Hi, come on in for a lovely time together over a cuppa.

Today we will be exploring a popular post on brokenness & healing.

I often find it interesting as to why certain topics are more popular then others. Don’t you?

But first let’s grab our cuppa’s & treats.

Today we’re having a tea blend called Crême Brûleè with a plate of gf Lavender shortbread.

Very decadent indeed & we’re sitting in my warm sunlit dining room with its double glass doors, looking out on our front garden with its beautiful winter colours.

Although we lost a beautiful old Tea tree out there recently in the icy winds we’ve been experiencing from the Antarctic!

Now we’re warm & comfy let’s begin…

greyscale photography of person walking between trees

The path may look scary…

Please tap on the title below to read;

A Journey of Healing

I think the title of the link above says it all, so many of us are on a journey of healing.

And those of us who are on this journey whether it’s physical, mental or spiritual healing we are seeking we look for encouragement from those who are further along the path.

For as the photo above demonstrates, at times the path ahead can seem full of dark & scary shadows.

a person running on pathway between trees

But with encouragement from other’s who have traveled that same pathway, the path ahead can become much clearer & the scary shadows turn into dappled light.

“Therefore encourage one another and edify (strengthen and build up) one another…”

1 Thessalonians 5: 11 Refer II

Can you be an encouragement to someone today my friend?

Until next time,


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8 thoughts on “When the journey ahead looks scary

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  1. In the Mass I am constantly reminded of Christ being broken for us. There is nothing shameful in our brokenness and nothing wrong with turning to the Physician for healing.


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