How to overcome Weariness

I need some time out…

Don’t you? Time out from this world with all its sadness & troubles!

Time out from my own self imposed expectations, time out from the pressures of life, time out to just Pause & Reflect… 

So today we’re having a mini retreat by settling into a comfy chair, putting our feet up to enjoy a large cup of our favourite beverage & some treats.

Mine is a mug of ‘Go Go Goa tea’ that has all the exotic flavours of the far east & a slice of gf Apricot, Almond & Coconut loaf toasted with creamery butter melting upon its deliciousness!

We’re seated indoors in my comfy loungeroom because it’s absolutely freezing here!

As snow is falling on our Australian snow fields & the icy blasts are being directed our way!

Now we’re seated with our refreshments, I want to know…

How are you my friend?

I’m a little weary myself…actually a lot weary to be honest!

Are you feeling a bit weary too?

photo displays person holding ball with reflection of horizon


Have you noticed how weariness spreads through our entire body…

Clouding our minds, creating a fatigue that can only be described as bone weary

Where it reaches so deeply into our beings that it goes right down to our bones!

Strategies for restoration

When I feel this way I find one or all of the following strategies work;

By putting my feet up to have a refreshing time of tea & reflection.

This may also include writing for our time together or jotting down things in my journal.


It may be reading a good book or doing a word puzzle, I love word puzzles!

I also enjoy walking along the waterfront, smelling the salty fresh air & listening to the rhythm of the waves, which are so very soothing.

Enjoying the the bird songs & feeling that refreshing sea breeze upon my face is rejuvenating.

A time for Contemplation

This is also an opportune time for quiet contemplation with my heavenly Father, as I enjoy His creation.

Just as Jesus Christ invited all to come to Him while here on earth. 

We can spend time with Him through the Spirit of God today for He left us with this invitation;

“Come to Me, all who are weary


heavy laden,


I will give you rest.

Take My yoke upon you,


learn from Me,

for I am gentle


humble in heart


you shall find rest for your souls.” 

Matthew 11:28-29


I’m feeling a lot more refreshed now…

I hope you are too my friend.

What’s your favourite restorative thing to do? Please share below as I would love to hear them.

Until next time,


You’re most welcome to join me in The Reading Nook


in Prayer

© 2022 Jennifer M. Ross, All Rights Reserved. Photo by Sindre Stru00f8m on 

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27 thoughts on “How to overcome Weariness

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  1. Jennifer, I love the Matthew scripture and the invitation from Jesus to come to him all who are heavy laden and weary. He will give rest for our souls in this dark world is my hope. Thank you for this quiet time.

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  2. Jennifer, my favorite thing to do is hike. The woods, the fresh air, and being in God’s creation refreshes my soul! The things you mention in your post are such great opportunities to be refreshed!

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  3. Great post, Jennifer! I think weariness has plagued us more frequently since the pandemic. I use some of the same things on your list – my favorite cup of coffee or tea, lighting candles, music, walking in nature, a good book, word puzzles, and sometimes a nap. I am eager for the release of John Eldredge’s new book, Resilient out next week looking at how much we all have been impacted by the last few years and keep wishing life could be good again as we have faced so many crises and our reserves are low. Have a blessed weekend! Pam

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  4. This is so beautiful Jennifer. It’s so wonderful to know when we’re weary, we can turn to Jesus. When I need to rest and rejuvenate, I love to read or spend time out in nature. I hope you have a wonderful weekend sweet friend. Stay warm!

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  5. My restorative things in spring/summer are: walks, pottering in the garden, sitting on the porch swing, and reading; in the fall/winter they are: reading, warm baths, sitting in front of the fireplace, and listening to audiobooks. Stay safe and stay warm, Jennifer!

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  6. Thank you, Jennifer for the reminder that it is OK to stop and rest when we feel weary. Sometimes I feel like I have to keep going or…or I don’t know what! I love being outside and hearing the sounds of nature, feeling the breeze and sun-so life giving!

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  7. For me the key is knowing that weary is not the same as depressed or sad. I often think of a line from “It Came Upon a Midnight Clear” –“rest besides the weary load and hear the angels sing.” God will meet us in our weariness, but we have to sit still to feel His love I think.

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      1. I found a dear friend much consoled when I used that word for her instead of sad. Her doctor was suggesting medicine, but it was for the wrong condition. I think rest and prayer are the only healing cures for weariness.

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  8. Your tea sounds delicious! My husband and I are heading away for a weekend of rest and relaxation. I have been feeling quite weary trying to keep up with my son’s schedule these past few weeks; he’s an on the go type of person and I like days of quiet solitude.

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  9. I enjoyed your post this afternoon! Praying that you are having a peace-filled weekend…that helps to refresh and restore our weary souls!!

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