Mending brokenness

Today I am brewing an interesting blend its called Russian Caravan tea…welcome dear friend, how lovely to have you drop by…it is just about ready…come let us begin our time together…


I have some delicious gf Macadamia shortbread to accompany this tea blend. I was introduced to this tea many years ago…it isn’t readily available in our area, so it’s a lovely treat to have for our time together today…As I sip the taste is smokey & ricey, very interesting & quite enjoyable, combined with the shortbread it really makes for a delightful treat!

I have been reflecting upon brokenness…

Have you ever suffered a broken heart? Or maybe a trauma so great that you felt completely shattered emotionally, mentally, spiritually or physically…I am sure all who visit here have experienced some type of brokenness in their lives…

But you know what…to truly understand brokenness we first need to go through the process of healing…& that dear friend…can be a painful, scary & anxiety inducing process…but ultimately very rewarding, restorative & transformative…to a healed wholeness for a greater purpose in our lives.

In my life I have experienced many such times of brokenness…A great deal of restoration has been done but there is yet more to accomplish…I have not done this work on my own though…I have had the great Restorer, God Himself & those whom He has sent along the various crossroads in my life to accompany me on this journey of healing transformation…

Recently…while I was walking along the beach & thinking about this, an image of what God’s healing & restoration process looks like came to mind…a vase was laying on the ground, where it had fallen, broken in pieces, some larger & others completely shattered…our brokenness can look similar….Then God approaches us, as explained in Hibiscus & Cranberry tea …& if we will allow Him…picks up each broken piece delicately & then examines each one carefully with us…as part of His healing work…restoring the larger pieces with the clear glue of His love. But some pieces are so shattered that instead of restoration He replaces those areas wholly with Himself….in a transformative way.

Then the transparency of His love allows His light to shine through those transformed areas! So, that through our mended brokenness others may see the light of His love & strength in us….beaming living beacons of hope…

pexels-photo-275852.jpegThose who allow God to do His healing work in them will each have a unique pattern to His shining light. Though this does not mean that they are perfect, they are still being transformed in other areas of brokenness…but it does mean they are looking to Him for their lives….

While we are still reflecting together…shall we ask ourselves…What pieces of the broken vase are we still holding onto deep down…that we know only God can heal, restore & transform…with His love, strength, patience & kindness…so that we may uniquely shine His light in this darkened world…

Well our time has now come to its end, our tea & treats are finished, until next time dear friend…


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43 thoughts on “Mending brokenness

    1. Yes we are all definitely broken in our own ways…& while comfort from others is great…it is only momentary, it never quite sates the void the brokenness has left behind, so we then constantly seek a source of comfort to fill the brokenness. Unfortunately, comfort does not heal brokenness…it only puts a bandage to cover it.
      Healing brings peace, serenity & rest from the constant seeking after things to fill the void of brokenness.
      Thank you I had a lovely weekend & I always enjoy a good cuppa.


  1. I have a round magnet on my refrigerator with the statement “God will heal a broken heart if you give Him all the pieces.” It can be painful to pick up those sharp shards from the past, but He will be faithful to use them in our restoration. A pastor told me years ago that God doesn’t waste anything, including the wreckage of our past.

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  2. Thanks, Jennifer!
    Even though Scripture is clear on our brokenness, we need the reminder that we are all standing in that place of needing to be mended. It’s a blessing to know that God stands ready to do that every single day!

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  3. Jennifer–you are so gifted in gently leading us to consider a profound question. I’ve experienced much healing in my life, but I do think it’s good to revisit this question of if there are more pieces that have yet to be healed.

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    1. Hi Wrae,
      Lovely to have you drop by….I have found through personal experience that the hard work & journey of mending brokenness is so much lighter & easier when I have allowed God’s love to do the restoration & transformation with me.
      And He does take a unique & individual approach with each person…


  4. I will go about my day being grateful for all the things that have caused a bit of brokenness here and there. Your post reminded me of how beautiful those cracks can be. Thank you! Let the light shine through!

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  5. Jennifer, your description of how God heals brokenness is beautiful. God is tender in the healing process, isn’t He? THe picture of Him holding each piece of our broken selves in His hand, working with us and in us as He heals . . . I’m thankful that He is gentle with our pain. And when we hand over those broken pieces of our lives to Him, we can be assured He is trustworthy, safe, and tender in the healing.

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  6. I have heard of this analogy and I sure do appreciate it. I feel broken a lot of days, and then try and let him fill me. Some days I “feel” like I am doing a good job of it and others not so much, then I remember his filling isn’t dependent on me for which I am thankful. Blessings to you!

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  7. Hello Jennifer!

    Starting to go back and catch up a little with your posts. This one was a balm after a very wearying day. So on target and well said. Our brokenness does like His light shine through. It is indeed a process. Those who acknowledge it are stronger, I think, than those who pretend or try to hide their brokenness.

    Enjoying these times with you!❤️


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  8. Good question, Jennifer–what pieces am I still holding onto deep down? It’s a question I’ve been grappling with a lot lately and I don’t always like what I find! However, like you’ve pointed out, once I turn them over to Jesus, He makes them into a beautiful mosaic that His light and healing can shine through! Lovely post, my friend!

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  9. Loved joining you at the table again. Brokenness isn’t something we enjoy thinking about, but it is a reality. Until we realized we have fractures, we cannot begin the mending process with God. thanks! Look forward to sitting with you again soon.

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