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How to restore lost Confidence

Welcome my friend, come on in & we'll enjoy a cuppa together as we discuss why so many have noticed a loss in confidence in recent years. But first we'll grab our cuppa's, a treat & get comfy. I'm enjoying a Vanilla Chai tea with a slice of home baked gf Ginger & Coconut Loaf.… Continue reading How to restore lost Confidence

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The Essential ingredient to any Relationship

Welcome my friend come on in! I wanted to share a topic today from something I read recently that has given me much food for thought. It was a play on the verse 'a three stranded cord is not easily broken'. It went something like this: 'A three stranded cord is not easily woven.'  Hmmmm...… Continue reading The Essential ingredient to any Relationship

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What causes Compassion Fatigue?

"They still don't get it, do they?" said my friend with exasperation. Our friendship spans four decades now, we know each other well & have supported each other through the good & difficult times of life. But before I share what this was all about let's grab our cuppa's & get comfy. Today I'm enjoying… Continue reading What causes Compassion Fatigue?