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Festive Anxieties…

Hi ya & welcome! So lovely having you drop by! Come on in for a refreshing time over a hot cuppa. I have a blend of my own unique French Lady Grey tea in my favorite blue & white China cup today. And on my new lifestyle diet, a small treat of dried apricots, flaked almonds & dates. What’s yours my friend?

Did you know that this time of the year holds the greatest time for anxiety & depression!

As a clinical counselor November to February were my busiest months for those presenting with these. Why this time of the year?

Because leading up to traditional celebrations often bring pressures which manifest as anxiety then morph into depression. Not all families get on together, not all enjoy spending time with certain members of their family group as explained in Christmas blues….

There can also be the pain of estranged loved ones which is highlighted at this time of the year.

Then there’s the pressure to be present in many places at once or to perform on the day with the ‘picture perfect celebration’ (which often is self imposed by personal expectations as shared in Iced Wine tea & expectations…).

white and red balloons

But what I’d like to focus upon today is the emotional impact in the loss of our dear loved ones which is particularly felt at this time.

The simple truth is that grief is triggered anew when people are gathering together with loved ones & we miss those special people who were so present in our lives & are now gone!

Sure we carrying on with the organization & preparation for the celebrations with a smile on our face, as to not to take away the joy of the season for others but there is an ache in our hearts in the void they left behind.

Let me make this personal…

I saw an adult son the other day helping his Mama with Christmas shopping, she was in her sixties & he was a good looking young man in his thirties. The looks of love, concern & tenderness between them told the world they were mother & son (& the fact she called him son helped to clarify their relationship).

You see this scenario while truly touching to see…was also a little painful for me. My only son, Benjamin, died many years ago & I will not have the opportunity to have any type of relationship with him this side of eternity.

While over the years I have learnt to live with this & get on with life, feeling truly blessed that I’m assured of seeing him again one day. Every now & then in a moment like above, which catches me completely off guard, the pain of loss returns.

I know there are many who also experience this painful ache in their heart, not just at this time of the year, so I have launched a new section called Coping with Emotional pain.

It contains a blend of personal & professional experience to give awareness & insight into this strange & complex emotion called grief.

For all who are feeling the pain of grief the reflections in this section may be comforting & for those of you who want to have a greater understanding of grief in all its manifestations it may be informative.

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16 thoughts on “Festive Anxieties…

  1. Your post is very thoughtful, as usual. I know holidays are difficult for many people who grieve. Thanks for linking up with us at the GATHERING OF FRIENDS LINK PARTY 10

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  2. Jennifer, I am always glad when I visit here. Holidays are definitely triggers – my daughter’s fiance was murdered 18 years ago in July and she has seasonal sadness every single year as July nears. Would love to sit and talk with you.

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    1. Thank you! Yes, anniversaries can be the hardest, our sub conscious has a memory of the major traumas we have experienced so we can be reacting to time periods before we consciously realize what’s happening in our emotional self.
      I would enjoy a cuppa & chat too! 😀


  3. This can be a very difficult time of year. We lose loved ones through the years and grief feels cumulative. With each passing it feels a little heavier. Those dear to us are never forgotten, the missing them follows us through the years. Thankfully the Lord promises the hope of seeing those believing loved ones. My heart hangs on tightly to that hope, knowing there in heaven we will have a splendid reunion. And we will be with Jesus forever. Thank you for sharing this post and for creating a section of your blog on grief. Sweet blessings to you. May the Lord continue to comfort you!

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    1. Yes, I’m grateful too Cheryl, that we will see those who have gone before us in Christ one day again. His comfort is strongest in our saddest days of grief & that is so amazingly comforting, don’t you think…blessings to you dear friend 😀


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