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How to Earn money while you Sleep!

The above headline was running across the screen as I sat in the waiting room of the clinic.

It sounded too good to be true but it kept being displayed as the next topic of interest on the daytime show.

It will be interesting to find out what that’s all about, I thought.

Then my physician called me into his office from the waiting area.

Welcome dear friend, I’m so glad you have dropped by!

I’m sitting here with my cuppa which is a blend called Iced Wine Tea.

Please grab your cuppa, a treat of deliciousness & get comfy to join me in our time together.

Shall we continue?


After pleasantries were exchanged I seated myself in the chair next to his desk, requesting the results from my last lot of medical testing.

He hit a key on his keyboard with the screen instantly loading the page of my results.

My physician went down the row of results, murmuring good, good then went silent for awhile as he read, turning towards me with a serious look.

Ò! Oooooo!

“You’re Insulin Serum results show you are Insulin Resistant, that means you are pre diabetic,” he stated.

My mouth dropped open, I was absolutely gobsmacked!

“But I have a healthy diet! I don’t understand how this could be! You know I have increased my walking as much as Fibromyalgia will allow!” was my response.

He looked at me with understanding eyes, then gave me a list of instructions on what he wanted me to do, immediately!

I walked out of the clinic in shock to where my hubby Steve was waiting.

I shared the news & we were gobsmacked together!

grayscale portrait photo of shocked woman


Since then, I have gone into action erasing all added sugars from my diet, sadly no further treats of deliciousness.

I’m now on a low carb eating plan (Doctor’s orders).

I’m learning new recipes & refining my taste buds to enjoy sugarless tea & all natural treats like dates, nuts, dried apricots or natural yogurt with berries & flaked almonds.

I have lost weight which has been an added bonus.

Yippeee! Doing the happy dance!

The first week I increased my walking to walk at pace each day & for the first 5 days was extraordinarily capable!

BUT this caused Fibromyalgia to rebel in a massive flare & post exercise fibro malaise to set in, Not good!

So I have had to be much wiser with walking.

Now I’m walking at my own comfortable pace (as its still movement) on our beautiful walking trails every few days with gentle stretching on the alternate days.

It’s a balancing act,

walking a tightrope across crocodile infested waters

named full blown Diabetes & Fibromyalgia!

One slip

& I’m chomped by one or the other!

Well, not really but that’s how it feels at the moment!

Though I’m determined to reverse this diagnosis!

Why am I sharing this, you may ask?

To bring awareness to this silent & hidden condition!

I had absolutely no symptoms!

If it wasn’t for my extremely alert physician. I would be totally unaware that my body was silently speeding down the highway towards full blown diabetes!

You see my fasting glucose levels are within normal range.

My good & bad cholesterol levels are within normal range, though my overall cholesterol is at the top end of that range, it is still within accepted limits.

A majority of physicians would have said all was fine!

So why was my physician suspicious? In the last few blood results my triglycerides have been rising, not drastically but steadily!

Unbeknownst to me he ordered an Insulin Serum test within my regular blood tests.

This has been a timely wake up call to hopefully turn this Insulin Resistance around before full blown diabetes becomes another permanent resident!

When is the last time you had your blood levels checked dear friend?

It may be time to have a serious chat to your physician if your levels are at the top end of the normal range to see if further testing like Insulin Serum levels may be warranted!

And the headline on the screen that day?

Well it faded into insignificance of course in the pursuit of a better health outcome! As some things are far more important then earning money while you sleep!

Until next time,


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34 thoughts on “How to Earn money while you Sleep!

  1. Thanks for sharing, Jennifer. I’m so glad that your physician discovered this and grateful for Our Great Physician who is with us every step of the way, every day! ❤ Blessings as your embark on your new journey, my friend.

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  2. I’m sorry for another diagnosis to deal with, Jennifer! But I am glad that your Doctor was so vigiliant with your testing, and found this hidden level before it became full-blown! I know how hard it is to change your diet, I have had to do that several times during this journey of mine, first going gluten-free, then dairy-free, then mostly sugar-free, and lately, it’s been a high-salt diet to test out a new Doctor’s theory that I am still waiting for the results. I will be keeping you in my prayers dear sister! May you be blessed with the Lord’s strength!

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