How to cope with Emotional pain

Trauma can come to us through many circumstances in life. The emotional pain from these traumatic events can be absolutely agonizing.

In fact we feel so emotionally fragile & distraught that we think we may break!

I understand! I truly do!

I too have experienced this agonizing pain.

My experiences

I lost my daughter Candy & my son Benjamin within twelve months of each other. Then in 2002, I also lost my husband to brain cancer.

Having also experienced the emotional pain of divorce in the collapse of my first marriage. And I’m now living with chronic health conditions which brings its own emotional pain.

However, I’m not only surviving these traumas I’m thriving!

You may find my personal & professional experience inspirational.  So, grab yourself a hot cuppa, get comfy & join me in the following by tapping on the colored text…

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