High Tea

Welcome dear friend, recently I attended a High Tea for Ladies, it was such a delightful time that I thought I would share the experience with you today.

I had invited my old friend who I introduced in Heart matters  to share in this time with me, as we both enjoy High teas.

This event has become an annual fundraiser for an overseas ministry.

The ladies do such an amazing job with the decor, catering, entertainment & of course tea!

Some of the men from the church dress in posh waiters attire complete with bow ties for the occasion.

There was such a great choice of tea blends on the Tea Menu, I was in my element!

My favorite was Turkish Delight which was sweet & delicious.

I particularly enjoyed the gf Lemon slice & gf Caramel slice which were both cut into perfect bite-size pieces.


As we munched on delicious petite fours & drank exotic tea blends served to us in vintage tea cups.

The soloist entertained us with new Melodies & the Speaker delivered a hilarious analogy in tea leaves verses tea bags in our walk of Faith.

We had a door prize draw & guess who won one of the beautiful Teapot, cup & saucer sets?

Yes, I did! I’ll feature it in a future reflection.

The afternoon was full of joy in getting to know new friends & catching up with old ones.

A truly blessed time of fellowship at this busy time of the year.

I have been looking over this past year & it has been quite an adventurous one!

If you would like to be transported to share in the following moments then select one & tap on the colored text below.

I shared some scary moments in;

Then we shared some deeply reflective moments in;

And of course we had some fun moments too in;

Remember dear friend, enjoy every moment for whatever it is at the time because it’s these moments that eventually make up your lifetime.

Until next time…


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19 thoughts on “High Tea

  1. Sounds like such fun!! High Tea is not something I hear spoken about in the Midwest, but I did have something akin to it once in the Washington DC area with our daughter. Can’t wait to see the tea set you won!! Have a blessed weekend❤️

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  2. Jennifer, high tea with all of the wonderful food, music, and an inspiring speaker sounds like a fabulous event! It has been a great joy to meet you this year and read your inspiring posts. Blessings during the Christmas Season and for 2019!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It was such a lovely time.
      It has been an absolute joy to spend the year getting to know you Pam ♥
      You have such an artistic talent for decorating & photography which has inspired my own lagging home making!
      Praying for a truly blessed Christmas & 2019 for you & your family 😀

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