A new lens needed!

Welcome! It’s so lovely that you dropped by, I look so forward to your visit each week…I have the kettle boiling & a selection of teas, coffee & hot chocolate to choose from today…

Our treat is a Gf Raspberry & Coconut slice & I have chosen an Australian afternoon tea blend for my cuppa. Which is a black tea grown here, it has a lighter taste.

We are sitting in my lounge room which is warm & cozy, as once again it is freezing, windy & far too unpleasant outdoors. Now we are both settled with our cuppa & treat of deliciousness, we can begin our time of reflection together…

Looking through the Haze

I have had some problems with my eyes lately, which have been causing some concern…

After noticing that I needed my prescription eye glasses more & more when out & about, as well as when doing close up work…I thought my prescription may need adjusting.

So I went to the Optometrist for an eye check. After a full range of tests, apparently my prescription didn’t need changing! Rather I was referred to the eye specialist instead!

The verdict, I need surgery in both eyes, this came as a bit of surprise to me. I had had real concerns for the vision in my right eye which had become increasingly blurry, extra sensitive to bright light & was harder to focus at night.

But needing surgery in my left eye as well was definitely surprising! Because I find if I close my right eye, I can see perfectly well long distances with my left eye, without prescription eye glasses! The diagnosis is that I have cataracts in both eyes!

bokeh photography effect

Which means the lens of the eye has become cloudy, restricting & scattering the amount of light through the lens…thus images are not properly focused on the retina at the back of the eye.

Resulting in increasingly poor & blurry vision. Thus, I need to have the lens in each eye replaced with new artificial lenses! This gave me much food for thought for our reflection…

Looking through cloudy life lenses

How often do we have clouded lenses with relationships, circumstances or even ourselves that restricts & scatters the true Light. Which leads to an unfocused & blurry image of the heart, resulting in a skewed & distorted perception & attitude!

I find the following fascinating; because my right eye is affected by an advanced cataract my entire vision for both eyes is completely distorted!

Though my left eye definitely has the beginning of a cataract…it still possesses clear vision as the cloudiness hasn’t reached the Centre of the lens yet…

But the right eye so influences my total sight that it gives a scattered & unfocused view for my entire vision….without my corrective prescription glasses on that is!

Have you noticed how our attitudes & perceptions can do this… because our heart was hurt & wounded in the past…

Our entire viewpoint changes when present circumstances remind us of that hurt…we start to view it through past lenses which lead to a blurry & clouded opinion!

I need to have surgery in both eyes but my right eye will be done first & once healing is completed, my left eye will have its corrective surgical procedure…

Our hearts too need to go through a healing process to Mend brokenness  in order to have a new & clear heart lens for the true Light to shine.

Until next time dear friend…


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34 thoughts on “A new lens needed!

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  1. Jennifer, I would enjoy hot chocolate even though it is extremely hot and muggy in my Deep South. I also need cataract surgery, but have put it off. My vision is not that clouded yet. But my sentence made me stop and think about my heart vision. Your post is thought provoking and I want the lens of my heart to be perfectly clear. Blessings~

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    1. I could make you a nice ice chocolate with icecream & chocolate fudge topping!
      Yes, we do do this at times don’t we…We put off allowing God’s corrective surgery & healing in our lives & hearts…
      Lovely to have you drop by Pam, I enjoy our times together…

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  2. Nice comparison! Clouded lens are all too common Jennifer, making effective communication next to impossible! Hope you are soon over your procedure and delighted with the results. Nice time of year for it as it sounds like relaxing indoors is a good place to be!

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  3. I think that this metaphor also illustrates the way our vision can become distorted little by little without such a dramatic moment that we are notice. I recently stopped following our national news. I am amazed by the change in my outlook, my creativity and my optimism. Trump had slowly taken over my spirit before God reminded me to focus on Him.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, a very good point Elizabeth! We need to focus on God the Father rather than men & their political agendas.
      My daughter’s are careful what they allow my grandchildren to watch on television. They don’t watch the nightly news in their homes any longer as it started to negatively affect the children!

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    1. Thank you for your lovely wishes. We have “free” health care here in Australia (which we actually pay for through our high taxes). But I am extremely grateful for this care, especially with FM! I have now gone on a waiting list for this elective surgery (6-12 months waiting which is fine as its not critical at the moment), I trust the outcome will be great too! Smiling!
      Lovely having you drop by.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yes, it is an amazing blessing 😀 & definitely gives peace of mind…I feel very blessed. 🙂 & it is a good system.

        I have seen the struggle you & other blogging friends have with your health insurance system… It seems like a nightmare to me!

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  4. What a beautiful post Jennifer! Our “lenses” become clouded so easily sometimes. Thanks for the reminder that we need to be aware of when our “vision” is distorted. I hope your surgeries go well and that your new lenses give you great vision! Hugs!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. I love the metaphors. Although I was hoping you were going to be talking about cameras. Haha.
    Best of luck with the surgeries!! Enjoy your recovery time sipping some lovely tea. I know how disturbing it is to have distorted vision and not be able to see things quite the same. I am struggling with my current prescription and it sounds like a trip to the optometrist is in my future!!

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  6. I’m glad you went to your eye doctor! I’m waiting for my appointment to come up in September. I think I need a new prescription, but who knows? Praying your surgeries will go well and you’ll have great vision.

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  7. First, I’d love a very hot cup of English Breakfast tea, no sugar or cream, thank you. Next, your analogy was spot on. Finally, praying your surgery restores your eyesight and is free of all complications.

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  8. I’m sorry that you need to have surgery on your eyes, Jennifer, but I’m glad they have identified the problem and it can be fixed. I hope it all goes well. It’s so true that circumstances and past experiences can cloud our vision at times. We all need God’s help to see clearly!

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  9. Great analogy, Jennifer! I frequently say that everyone looks at life through the lens of their personal perspective. When our perspective is distorted everything is off. I’m so thankful God is willing to adjust our lens and help us see more clearly. Praying your surgery goes smoothly and that you are seeing clearly again very soon! Blessings!

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