Breathe…just breathe!

Welcome, it is time to slow down & sit for a while, to just breathe & enjoy a delightful beverage & treat while reflecting upon some poignant & inspiring challenges in life.

I have brewed a Caramel Orange tea blend for us, which was a gift from my daughter on her recent return from Japan.

And our treat for today is a Gf raspberry & white chocolate nut slice.

I do have coffee for those of you who love coffee!

The tea is delightful with its sweet citrus taste which is mellow & smooth to the palate.

The nut slice is interestingly a great accompaniment with its nutty raspberry flavor, although the white chocolate dribble gets lost in the nutty taste.

It doesn’t just rain but it pours!

We have a saying here in Australia,  “it doesn’t just rain but it pours!”

Meaning when challenges come in life, they seem to come all at once!

This has been true with the challenges that have presented themselves in my life recently.

I shared one of those challenges last week in Wisdom…from a 10 year old child? 

And the most recent challenge is for our time of reflection today.

Have you ever been in a situation where you needed to tell yourself to just breathe, breathe calmly & slowly? To then rest in the peace & serenity of God!

I recently had such an experience, let me set the scene for you.

adult air beautiful beauty

Changes that are concerning

For a while now I have had some problems with dexterity & fine motor skills in both hands.

Thinking this was just age related, possibly mild osteoarthritis, I hadn’t been too concerned at first.

But lately it seems to be getting a lot more difficult to do ordinary everyday tasks.

So I mentioned this to my physician on a scheduled visit & was immediately sent for a range of medical investigations.

I returned to his clinic to get the results & I was told that two suspicious lesions had been identified on my cervical spine (neck).

The words used by the Specialist on the report was “suspected Metastases!”

He recommended further medical investigations in the Nuclear medical field to define the perimeters of the lesions & identify the primary cancer!

Breathe, slowly & calmly breathe…

The word Metastases shocked me & was most unexpected.

But as I walked out of my Physician’s office I told myself to once again, breathe, calmly & slowly to rest in  God’s peace & serenity.

For He has promised to never leave me nor forsake me!

As I walked to the car, I prayed,

Heavenly Father, I am in your hands, it’s over to you whatever the outcome!”

Then the peace that passes all understanding descended upon my soul, wrapping me in God’s love, comfort & strength acting as a protective umbrella from the downpour of uncertainty.

Testing, results & diagnosis

I went for the Nuclear Medicine investigation, which for this gal with Fibromyalgia was a physical challenge in itself over the 5 hour process.

But my soul continued to be wrapped in the blanket of God’s peace & love, breathing calmly & slowly.

I received the results a few days later…

The lesions were not Metastatic as first suspected but age related, no sign of any primary cancers! Praise God!

God had kept His promise of walking with me, keeping my soul protected under His umbrella of perfect peace, a bright light in the darkness of uncertainty!

So, while the old saying can be true it doesn’t just rain but can pour down with life’s challenges at times.

But I am so grateful I have the relationship I have, imperfect as I am, with an amazing Heavenly Father through His Son Jesus.

Who consistently pour love, peace, strength & comfort upon me through His Spirit as I walk & breathe in His life giving breath!

If you don’t already know this amazing relationship with Him in enjoying His peace, love & comfort for yourself, may you be inspired by clicking on & reading  My story

Have you experienced a time, when you too have had to hand it all over to God & rest in His peace & serenity my friend?

Until next time…


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23 thoughts on “Breathe…just breathe!

Add yours

    1. Yes Brigid, letting go & knowing God is working in the situation is such a huge comfort…

      Glad you dropped by…it’s our first day of Spring here today, blossoms are blooming on our peach & nectrine trees! I’m sure you would love them they are absolutely beautiful!

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  1. This year I had a month between a suspicious spot on a mammogram until the eventual biopsy revealed it was benign. I found it was a real test of trust in God. I wouldn’t volunteer for the experience, but it did deepen my faith as did your experience.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Grateful the news was not cancer! It’s hard to stay calm when that’s in the back of your mind, but breathing, staying calm, and relying on your faith are always good ways to get through any tough situation.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Jennifer, wonderful that it wasn’t cancer. I had a couple of times where I had to wait on test results. Allowing God’s peace and promises to sustain you is placing it in His Hands! Happy Spring to you!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. We have that saying in the UK too! I’m glad the outcome of your medical tests was good- that must have been a big relief! And I love that you knew God with you, giving you peace, even in the uncertainty!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. So grateful to hear how the Lord moved in your behalf even before you got the results! It reminded me of a time a few years back when I had suspicious lumps in a breast. I had been through this before with fibrocystic breast disease, but this time was not simply a needle biopsy, I was being sent to a surgeon. The whole way home from the appointment my mind was filled with the worst case scenarios. I still recall exactly where I was when I came to the point of thinking “and then I could die” and it was at that point I sensed the Lord say “And?” My answer brought a smile to my face and I responded, “I’d be with you!” I went into the excision biopsy with that “conversation” echoing in my ears with a great Christian surgeon. He removed a cluster of cysts not unlike a cluster of grapes and there was no cancer. How good is this God of ours! So grateful your report was positive!❤️

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That would have been quite a challenge too Pam! I love how God is ahead of us in these times & beside us!
      Yes, we forget that the ultimate healing for those who know Jesus as their Lord & Savior is joining Him in eternity…♥

      Liked by 1 person

  6. I had an MRI done recently on my neck and they discovered that I have a lot of, I’m sure, age-related damage on some of my cervical spine, which might involve surgery to correct. So, like you, Jennifer, I’m facing down some challenges. Although hearing the “C” word would throw me into something of a panic too. Glad it didn’t turn out to be cancer for you and I hope you get some relief for your dexterity issues. Getting older isn’t for the faint of heart! 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s amazing what they can do to help correct our aging parts today…Isn’t it!
      I had a great peace when I heard suspected “cancer,” although was stunned as it was unexpected.
      Yes, we need to care for our bodies as they age…
      Lovely having you drop by 😀


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