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Fire Storm

Welcome dear friend, we are going to have such a lovely time of tea & reflection today, I’m excited to share some amazing events from this past week…

I have a Japanese Apricot Rose tea for us, a gift from my granddaughter Miss S on her recent trip to Japan & Gf Lemon tarts with fresh kiwi fruit & strawberries for us…

The tea is delightfully fruity & aromatic, very enjoyable with the combination of the lemon in the tarts….mmmmm…delicious! Shall we begin our time of reflection while we sip & delight in the taste of our treats…

If you have been traveling with me here for awhile, then you will be aware that I am a grandmother (Nanny) to our combined family of 10 grandchildren…

A poignant conversation

I would like to share a conversation that I had with my 10 year old grandson Master M on one of my visits with him recently…that would prove to be very poignant indeed…

“Nanny, what have you been doing since I saw you last?” he enquired with interest.

I hadn’t seen him for many months as we live 1000km apart & it had been a difficult year with Fibromyalgia flares…making it impossible for me to travel during those times. So we had a lot to catch up on this visit.

I explained that I had been busy with my website…writing  & sharing what God has done in our lives to encourage others in their life. His eyes widened & he got very excited.

silhouette outside fire dangerous

“Nanny have you shared from the books of the Bible yet (naming three ancient texts)?” he asked.

Before I could answer he hurriedly continued, as though he couldn’t get his thoughts verbalized quickly enough before the next ones flooded into his mind…

“ should share how powerful God is Nanny, that will help people to know His power & what He can do in their lives….you could tell them about the powerful times God helped His people…” he suggested. 

He continued with all seriousness upon his handsome little face;

“Remember the three men who loved God & had been captured & taken away to another country, they had kept God’s ways but the nasty King wanted them to bow down & worship him & his image…not God…

They knew they only were to worship the Creator God of the whole Universe. So they didn’t worship the King & were thrown into the fire that was heated like a volcano.

And it was so melting hot that when the guards put Shadrach, Meshach & Abed-nego into it, they got burnt. But when the King looked into the fire, heated like a volcano, he saw four men dancing in the flames.

Nanny, God had sent an Angel of the Lord to protect & dance with them while they were in the fire!” 

 (account found in Daniel 3:19-30)

Little did I know that these words were a forerunner for the following events to unfold…

We received the following text message;

WARNING,  High Alert, Bushfire… burning out of control, main road is closed (because of flames & dense smoke). Too late to leave the area. Put your household Bushfire plan into action. Stay alert, watch & act!

We only have one road that leads in & out of our area...I had already made a Bushfire plan of action a few years ago…when another fire had sped through the Bush, also placing us on high alert.

I walked over & took this off the refrigerator, where it is kept, & discussed it with my husband, we agree that we will go to the waterfront emergency evacuation point…when the time comes…

He goes out into our backyard to see how far the smoke is from us & what direction the wind is taking it…he is a retired volunteer firefighter, so has the experience to do this…He estimates it is at least 7-8 kms away & the wind direction is blowing the fire away from us.

I get onto the Emergency Bushfire website to keep us informed with their regular updates from ground crew on the scene…& turn the news station on…

We work together as a team…my husband & I…

In the meantime

We hear the Emergency sirens, near & far, over the next several hours, reminding us this is serious! We feel the powerful thud & percussion of the rotor blades as the mighty choppers fly overhead with their firefighting water buckets dangling from great heights, going back & forth to dump water on the flames & refill from the sea waters surrounding us…

The air & atmosphere is crackling with a sense of extreme danger & urgency, much prayer is prayed…For the firefighters on the ground who are all trained volunteers, the emergency service workers, police, ambulance & the chopper pilots…that no lives are lost or injuries incurred at the hands of this fiery rampaging beast!

We notice that the smoke outside has become thick & dense, the aroma of burning timber hangs heavy on the air…even though the house had been closed up since the first whiff of smoke came to us…

The smell is quite strong…the media describe this smoking beast as an out of control firestorm…

Our next text alert arrives;

Wind direction has changed, the fire is out of control & heading straight for the three villages on the peninsula, once again we are told it is too late to leave, we are advised to shelter in our homes & secure buildings as the fire front approaches! If physically & mentally able…defend your homes!

It is now night, we hear the sirens & fire trucks out front, stopping at the corner of our street. The choppers had already ceased as night fell, too dangerous for them to fly in the dark & dense smokey sky…

My husband goes out to reassess the situation, he returns to tell me the firefighters are setting up a line of defense to head off this roaring beast.

We already have our bags packed ready to evacuate to the waterfront…As soon as the word is given we will go…

We go out the front to see how close the fire is, we can see the flames jumping through the trees with fine ash falling upon us! The fire has bypassed the first & second villages & sped down the Bush corridor heading straight for us! We are in its path!

We have a large Bush reserve opposite our home….the firefighters are fighting to protect us…trying to prevent the beast leaping across the road to hungrily devour the reserve…which would put all our lives on the peninsula in grave danger…As this is the only road access to the emergency evacuation point, for all three villages!

We & many others continue to pray…

Then suddenly a supernatural peace descends, God is with them in the firefighting, as we watch, suddenly the fiery out of control beast that has been raging & rampaging consuming an area of 5,000 acres of bushland & barns/sheds is tamed & quenched.

God has been with us in the fire…

No lives lost or injuries incurred, no homes lost…I remember my grandson’s words above;

“… share how powerful God is Nanny, that will help people to know His power & what He can do in their lives…You can tell them the powerful times He helped His people…”

He surely does Master M, He powerfully answers prayer both in ancient times & today!

Out of the mouths of babes!

Until next time,

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42 thoughts on “Fire Storm

  1. What a powerful story and testimony from your grandson and also now from you! I am just catching up with blog posts of various folks as my life was busy in the last few weeks. This is truly a testimony that pulls us right into the middle of scripture. I am so grateful you were spared and God showed Himself big in the midst of the raging fire. Blessings on you, Jennifer!💕

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  2. I have seen these fires on the news. I can’t imagine. It is amazing how cool and calm you seemed to stay. God delivered on your grandson’s promise.He protected you. Amen. He is faithful. Thanks so much for sharing this inspirational post on the #LMMLinkup this week.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Fires are terrible, I had a pastor friend in California go online and pray about the recent ones there. Recently, not sure exactly when, Santa Rosa was devastated, I saw the maps. The fiery furnace is a good analogy, and thankfully His protection.

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  4. Often with my kids, I find wisdom they didn’t even know they possessed! Jesus said, let the little children come to me! Blessings and prayers for your community!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Thank you for the visit to my site, Jennifer. I’m glad to read that you all are safe. It is also encouraging to read hat your grandson is being raised in the wisdom of God. He is definitely a shining light for Christ. I hope you have a wonderful week, and may God continue to bless you and your family. Be well.

    Liked by 1 person

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