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A Marathon?

Welcome to my abode! We are going to have a wonderful time so grab yourself a hot beverage, make yourself comfy & join me…

I have a new tea blend to try today, it’s a fruit tea with Passionfruit, Mango & Orange. My treat is a gf fruit bun, toasted, with real creamery butter melting upon its deliciousness!

Let us begin our time of reflection…Yesterday, I was asked the following question by a total stranger, “How are you?”

How are you? 

Is seen to be a well mannered social greeting in most western societies around the world.

Although there may be cultural variations, it boils down to the same basic question being used as a social greeting…well mannered social convention also dictates that we reply!

However, for those of us with chronic health conditions this question is a tricky one to answer.

To give any of the socially acceptable replies of; “Good,” “I’m fine” or “Fine, thank you”  is not our physical truth.

Although when this question is used as a social greeting by strangers they aren’t normally asking how we are feeling…its mainly replacing the social greeting of ‘hello’.

So, while we truly appreciate that the other person is asking either out of social etiquette or real concern. To actually explain how we are physically on any given day is extremely difficult for us.

Let me explain, I have Fibromyalgia which is a chronic pain condition & the added autoimmune conditions of Hashimto’s Thyroiditis & Celiac disease whom all bring their own party mates.

And let me tell you…they are inconsiderate little party animals!

Inconsiderate little party animals

You see I think people don’t actually need or want to hear my physical situation nor do I  necessarily want to share that I experience pain everyday, all day & the only thing that changes with it, is the intensity.

However, I am doing my absolute best life that I can possibly do, within these challenging conditions… For I am determined that these conditions will not control my life!

So the answer to yesterday’s greeting, “How are you?” I replied with my favorite answer “Great spiritually, thank you!”

Meaning ~ I’m totally doing my best life within the challenges of Fibromyalgia & chronic pain! I am still Jennifer, I can still be who I am, who I have always been…

Though I may have had to significantly rearrange the way I do my life, I am still growing & learning, traveling on this great spiritual adventure!

Please don’t misunderstand me here, in that reply I am not stating that I think I’m a spiritual great!

Rather I am stating that I am traveling well within my spirit. I’m deliberately choosing to focus upon the positive in my life. Therefore…

woman girl silhouette jogger

“...I will run with endurance the marathon that is set before me, fixing my eyes on the great pacer, Jesus, who is my faith & hope…”

Paraphase of Hebrews 12: 1-2

Those of us who have chronic health conditions are running the marathon of our lives, granted it may be at a snail’s pace with lots of rest stops along the way but a marathon none the less!

Running to the upward goal

I also realize you too dear friend are running your own marathon, the marathon of Life. It may be in the area of your health, marriage, relationship, parenting, your own mental health or that of a loved one, grief, singleness, spirituality, emotional struggles, life with a special needs child or with work.

Did you know that it is extremely wise on these long distance marathons to have a pacer.

A marathon pacer is: one who comes alongside the marathon runner, the runner then follows the pacer falling into his step & timing, to ensure they are running at their correct capacity. A good pacer is very aware of his follower’s personal capacity to help them reach the desired goal.

In my chronic health marathon, I have the most amazing pacer, who has come alongside me intimately knowing my personal capacity. He is consistent in His support, He never tires or grows weary but is always there alongside me, strengthening & encouraging…

I know I will reach the finish line with Him pacing beside me!

Let me ask you the following question to ponder…Are you in step with the great Pacer in your marathon? Or have you lost sight or maybe didn’t know that the great Pacer could help you go the distance & you’re trying to go it alone? Y

Then you may enjoy reading Challenging days…really!

Well my new tea blend tasted a little bitter for my palate, may need to add a little honey next time but the fruit bun was absolutely delicious!

Until next time…


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28 thoughts on “A Marathon?

  1. What a wonderful post Jennifer! I especially loved where you wrote, “Those of us who have chronic health conditions are running the marathon of our lives, granted it may be at a snail’s pace with lots of rest stops along the way but a marathon none the less!” and detailed the need for a pacer. I’m so grateful to have Him by my side as I run this marathon also. Thanks for sharing such beautiful words of hope.

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  2. Jennifer, I’m so glad I serendipitously found your blog! I love the depth of your writing and the clarity you give towards describing your daily chronic pain. I can’t say I’m in your shoes, I have my own little journey I’m meandering through, but if I could, I would love to wave a magic wand and remove all your pain.

    That said, you’re right, while your body may be physically struggling, the strength of your spirituality is quite evident. You have my utmost respect and I will definitely be following you!

    Liked by 1 person

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