A letter of Gratitude

We have all received & written letters, haven’t we?

Letters for jobs, letters of resignation, letters of love, joy & of sadness.

Although in this day & age letters are often called emails or even long text messages!

But they are all similar in that they are the written word conveying thoughts, feelings or notices from one person to another.

Before we continue let’s grab our cuppa’s & get comfy.

It’s lunchtime here so I’m enjoying a gf toasted cheese, tomato & ham sandwich with a mug of Lady Grey Tea. Delicious!

What are you having today?

An Important Exercise

As I was sitting in my recliner the other day feeling all of my senior years.

I thought, while I may have a little whinge to hubby at times about this ‘ol  body of mine.

In reality it has done so well!

So I thought a little gratitude exercise might be in order to truly recognise,

key on top of blue sheet of paper with handwriting

“How wonderfully I am made!” Psalm 139:14

So I have written the following;

Heavenly Father,

Thank you for this body of mine, it has done so well!

It has won races & climbed mountains (shared in Tea on a Mountain).

It has assisted you in nurturing five little lives, two of whom you took to heaven before they even left this body of mine (more HERE).

It has been strong in the times I needed it to be.

Especially working the farm after you called Ed, my sweet late hubby to glory (shared in Home sweet home).

It has comforted those who needed a Mama hug & those who sought your wisdom, professionally & spiritually, for their life (more in Mental Health).

It has taken me to different parts of the world to share the testimony you have given me & now writes to share Your love across the globe.

I know I haven’t always been wise in how I’ve used this body.

Especially in not giving it enough rest, rejuvenation & refreshment when needed.

Always trying to be your hero instead of your child!

But I have learnt valuable lessons over the years.

I’ve learnt to be ‘comfortable being’

in your Will

 instead of always ‘doing’ my Will. 

I’ve learnt to say my ‘best Yes’ for my own physical, mental and spiritual well-being. And that often means saying ‘no’.

And I’ve learnt that the most precious gem of your wisdom has come during this season.

A season where you are carrying this struggling body through the challenges of chronic health issues.

And for your love, strength & comfort I am truly grateful!

Thank you Lord God for this ‘ol body of mine for I am wonderfully made & that my soul knows well!

Love Jennifer 

What about you my dear friend, what are you grateful for?

Until next time,

You’re most welcome to join me in The Reading Nook


in Prayer

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32 thoughts on “A letter of Gratitude

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  1. Jennifer, what a beautifully written letter of gratefulness. This is one to look back on when days of pain are trying. God is so faithful, we can truly find rest in His promises. Today is our youngest grandchild’s first birthday. We are so thankful for him, he brings great joy! Today is the 15th anniversary of my beloved Mother’s home going! I am so grateful for her Proverbs 31 life. I miss her every day, but 15 years later her life is still impacting people. Sending love and hugs, my friend ♥️

    Liked by 1 person

  2. A wonderful letter of gratitude to the Lord. Reading your letter reminded me of the choice I had to intentionally make of giving thanks to the Lord for my body. Finding things to be dissatisfied with is so much easier forgetting all that the body God gave us enable us to do.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Jennifer, this was such a beautiful reminder to be grateful for the bodies and health and days we have been given. Even sitting in a chair, writing a letter, can serve purposes beyond our understanding. Blessings!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Beautiful advice! I wrote a letter to my body a few months ago, thanking it for its hard work and all the miraculous things it has done for me for 59 years. God really created a masterpiece with our body’s design.

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  5. I left a comment earlier, but not sure it went through. Beautifully said! Thank you for sharing. Happy Week to you! Toodles, Kathryn

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  6. Amen! I am grateful for my body and my health. Despite having lupus, I have an amazing body that can climb mountains, descend into canyons, and for the most part, not rebel at all I ask of it. I’ve learned to rest when I need to, fuel it properly, and trust it n God and not my own understanding. I am thankful, indeed!

    Liked by 1 person

  7. One of the loveliest letters I’ve come across. And a very apt timely reminder. It’s so easy to give thanks when all is well, that we forget that even in suffering and pain, there are still things (however little) that we can, and should be giving thanks for. Thank you for this sharing.

    Liked by 1 person

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