Curious Behaviour

Welcome my friend! Come on in & join me in a cuppa while we chat about some rather puzzling Behaviour.

Today I’m having a Sticky Date tea with a toasted sweet bun with raspberry jam & a dollop of cream. So delicious!

What are you having?

Setting the Scene

Over the last six months we have had a wee  visitor. He was actually born right here at our home which was very exciting.

He’s rather a handsome one with striking good looks. But both of his parents are beautiful so we can see where he gets it from.

Hubby & I have been privileged to be on hand to watch the growth of this little one through his early stages of development.

We watch him & his parents in their routine each morning. So touching to see.

But there is one behaviour within this family that has us rather puzzled.

Although I’m a retired Behavioral Therapist & Clinical Counselor, this even has me scratching my head!

Unusual behaviour or the Norm?

You may have guessed by now our wee one is of the animal variety.

In fact he is an Australian Magpie chick.

He has reached adolescence now, flying & walking around the yard on his feeding route each day.

Mama & Papa Magpie aren’t always with him now but drop in a few times each day to check.

The behaviour that is curious to us happens when Mama bird arrives.

She will often greet him face to face & then lie on the ground before him in a fetal position.

It appears to us, that if he hasn’t reacted correctly to her in this greeting, she seems to discipline him by fluttering around him & pecking at his neck!

He seems to get ‘upset’ by running & hiding his face in a crevice of our Jacaranda tree for a few minutes until she moves away & he continues on his hunt for insects!

Such puzzling behaviour!

But when I did a little research, it is actually normal Magpie behaviour! Go figure!

We just hadn’t seen it before, so it was curious & puzzling to us!

girl wearing a jacket thinking

It can be similar with human behaviour

If we haven’t encountered a particular behaviour before, we may think it odd, strange or incorrect behaviour.

Please note I’m not talking about any type of abusive or criminal behaviour here.

I often observe this when people witness behaviours in others that may be foreign to them.

As a Clinical Counselor

As a Clinical Counselor specialising in Adolescent & Family therapy, I often had parents seeking advice for their child or adolescents behaviour that they found challenging.

And granted some of their child’s behaviour was concerning even dangerous that needed therapy.

While other behaviours were actually within the normal band of developmental behaviour.

Those particular parents hadn’t quite caught up on their child’s rapid development or the need for boundary adjustments.

How does this relate to us?

We often forget we are constantly changing as we grow older & traverse different seasons in our life.

Many of these seasons come with new challenges that we haven’t faced or dealt with before.

And often we behave in ways we may not have done previously, especially experiencing new depths of anxiety.

It’s in these times that we need to have some coping strategies.

Some practical suggestions are in;

What to do when Anxiety hits

Life can be difficult but we do have an amazing Comforter to help us adjust to each season. Do you know Him?

No? Then you may want to join me Here

Until next time my friend,


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14 thoughts on “Curious Behaviour

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  1. Jennifer, it is amazing to watch animal behavior. We are privileged to observe deer, turkeys, rabbits, and birds. I am always learning something new. As we age, things certainly change. Thanks so much for your encouraging post! Blessings and hugs ♥️

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Pam! I find animal behaviour so interesting. When I lived on the farm with my late husband, watching him shepherd our sheep was fascinating. It really brought scripture alive. 😊
      Blessings & hugs to you too my sweet friend ❤️

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Absolutely Lisa. I also find our own behaviour can be just as disconcerting at times & we need to apply those same kindnesses to ourselves. As we navigate new & at times challenging seasons in our lives. Often we are hardest on ourselves 😉


  2. Jennifer I loved all the details on the magpie chick and its behavior! So very interesting. And your advice on anxiety is extremely helpful, thank you!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Such wise insights, Jennifer. One thing that I’ve learned as a mom, in particular, is that personality traits and ways of acting that seem off or unusual when a child is young sometimes (often?) turn into gifts and strengths as they get older and more mature. As for the way we change as we get older, giving ourselves grace becomes more important as the years go by, doesn’t it? Hugs, friend.

    Liked by 1 person

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