Tea at Easter…

All was hushed, there seemed to be a sacred expectancy to this event… Welcome  to our time of tea & reflection together…

As we waited, with the cold creeping into our bones & the deafening quietness of our surroundings, all feeling tired from the two hour hike in the dark but also excited…it began…

At first there was just a glimmer, then it grew brighter with hues of orange against the dark sky giving a breathtaking contrast in spectacular colors of blues & purples…we were on the mountain top looking across the bay for this special sunrise…the water below reflected & magnified the effect… it was easter Sunday…watching God create a new day in all of it’s breathtaking beauty, from a mountain top perspective was amazing…& one I will never forget…


Then as the dawn turned into morning, we enjoyed hot tea boiled in the Billy on the campfire, as we thawed our freezing bodies beside it & awaited breakfast of bacon, eggs & toast cooked over its hot coals.

As we drank our iconic Australian Billy tea sweetened with sugar & taken with milk, & chewed mouthfuls of our delicious breakfast, we reflected upon the reason for our time together upon this mountain. We were all Missionary & Bible College students, we varied in ages. But that morning we were there to celebrate that special morning long ago that changed the course of mankind, forever, when the tomb of Jesus was found empty.

That Easter mountain top experience was many years ago…You may ask the following….Why does Jennifer believe in Jesus & His life, death on a cross, resurrection & ascension to heaven & in His love for her? Is it because of the following…evidence?…tradition?…knowledge?…experience?

My answer is; No none of those is the reason, although all of them have credence! I believe & accept Jesus as my Lord & Savior through faith, because He first loved me & because of His sacrifice for me…I don’t just believe but I also live in God’s amazing love, grace & forgiveness through His Son Jesus.

I am not perfect, I do screw up at times, I am still living this side of heaven but I live in His love because of His continual kindnesses to me…please read Wisdom. He is the bridge to an amazing relationship with the Father through His sacrifice & resurrection. Our many times great grandparents created a huge gap in their & our relationship with the Father through their deliberate rebellious choices at the beginning of our family history. We inherited their legacy but through Jesus we can once again enjoy a personal relationship with God the Father & Jesus the Son through being born anew in His Spirit!


It is totally an individual choice to have this relationship…However it doesn’t just happen automatically…You need to choose, believe, accept & open the door of your heart to Jesus & His Spirit to be born anew…asking for this new life & acknowledging Jesus’ work for you to Him personally (Refer). I did this in quiet prayer 38 years ago…

Have you ever thought of where you will spend the rest of Eternity? Did you know that each one of us are already living eternity, as death is not the end of our existence (this I not only believe but have also experienced in a NDE). It is entirely your choice as to where you will spend the rest of eternity…please choose wisely…enjoy Blueberry tea time…

Well it’s now time for my afternoon tea with a cup of Chai & some fresh apple chips, until next time…

Blessings to you this Easter dear friend & may you know God’s amazing love & grace for you,


Copyright: teawithjennifer.blog All Rights Reserved. Photos by Pexels.

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30 thoughts on “Tea at Easter…

  1. Hi, Such a beautiful post. (I have never heard of Billy tea.) I learned about Jesus as a little girl from my “Opah”, my grandfather. Jesus became my personal Savior later. I knew much about Him as a young girl and as I grew into a young woman, but I didn’t truly know Him until 35 years ago. It has been an amazing journey. What an awesome Savior we have. May your Resurrection day be filled with many sweet blessings!

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  2. What a stunningly beautiful photograph! Thank you for sharing it and also a bit about your personal walk with Christ. It is a wondrous thing that no matter who we are, how we are, where we are, or why we are, His love pursues us to reconcile us to Himself and then with one another as we follow Him.

    Have a blessed Good Friday and Easter!💕

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  3. I’m so glad you shared your story today! Sounds like a lovely sunrise service! 🙂

    Thanks for stopping by. I hope you’ll pop speak up when you visit! 🙂


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      1. Oh my! I’m so sorry. Two different thoughts blended and, apparently, didn’t get deleted correctly! 🙂 I simply meant that I hope you’ll say hi again when you visit! 🙂


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  4. Such a beautiful description of a breathtaking Easter morning–I felt like I was on the mountain with you! What a wonderful way to reflect on the beauty of the Easter morning that changed the course of human history!

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