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Nanny, what’s Heaven like?

This is a question that each of my grandchildren have asked me when they reach that inquisitive age about life after death (around ten years of age).

And their Mama’s have told them that I once visited Heaven something they immediately want to hear for themselves.

Heaven has come very near in recent weeks, with one of my dearest friend’s passing into God’s presence.

Though I am preparing a tribute to share with you about the beautiful friendship we shared, spanning forty years, it’s not quite ready yet.

So, I thought we would have a glimpse into what she is experiencing now as told to my grandchildren.

While we enjoy our cuppa’s together.

Today we have Russian Caravan tea with a home baked gf Apricot, date & coconut almond loaf. Delicious!

elderly woman kissing granddaughter in her cheek while cooking

My experience of Heaven came through having a cardiac arrest after the birth of my son Benjamin who was born sleeping (stillborn).

I share the following condensed version with my grandchildren using simpler language for a child’s understanding but the full experience can be read HERE;

Nanny’s experience of Heaven

When Nanny’s heart stopped,

I was in Heaven straight away, peace and calm was all around me…and Everything was so beautiful & colourful there…

…I was walking on a path but I stopped and stood for awhile to look around me.

…My thoughts and feelings were amazing happiness, comfort, peace and calm.

…it was like having a really big cuddle from God…

And in that cuddle I wasn’t worried or afraid of anything.

Because I knew God was looking after everyone who was left behind…

beautiful blooming blossom blossoming

…I also noticed that there were people chatting in front of a building near me…

And then I saw…

…Aunty Candy and Uncle Benjamin your Mama’s sister & brother, who had already gone to heaven, standing chatting with the other people…

I also knew that Jesus was waiting for me up ahead in a garden

and that it was really important to go to Him first

before I went to hug Aunty Candy and Uncle Benjamin.

So I started walking to where Jesus was waiting for me…

…as I neared the garden where Jesus was...


more shared HERE  

(Refer II)

You may be thinking how I know that my dear friend is now enjoying God’s presence in Heaven. 

Well, the last time we were together which was last year, just before the Pandemic hit Australia.

We traveled to a beautiful coastal village half way between our regions for a girls weekend together.

Within that time we had a very deep & meaningful chat about our relationships with God through His Son, Jesus.

Especially where she stood in relationship with Him. As she had wandered away from Him for a time.

And I was quite concerned for her because she was living with Motor Neurone Disease (MND).

I knew that she needed His supernatural strength & peace to face this marathon challenge that she was now living.

She assured me that she had recently returned to her relationship with God because she also realised she couldn’t go through MND without Him.

We didn’t realise it then but it would be the very last time we saw each other…

Are you ready for eternity my friend? Because life can change very quickly indeed!

And there is life after death, I know I’ve been there!

But where we spend that eternal existence after death is actually our choice to make while here on earth!

For a further explanation you may want to read HERE

Until next time,


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  1. You have given such a beautiful explanation to your grandchildren. And what a gift you were given during your last visit with your friend. I am so sorry for your loss but grateful that one day we will forever be reunited with those we love.

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