Heeding Wise Advice

Hi, welcome my friend! We are doing something a little different today.

Have you ever given wise advice to others but not necessarily listened to it yourself?

Me too!

But today I’m changing that by taking my own professional advice in being kind to myself with a little time out.

Over the past few weeks some unexpected & traumatic events have happened, which I’ll share at a later date with you, impacting my chronic health conditions.

So I need some time out.

But I didn’t want to disappoint my lovely readers, so I thought you may enjoy reading my popular post below.


As these events have highlighted this important topic…

Ginger tea & time…

Until next time,


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23 thoughts on “Heeding Wise Advice

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  1. I wish that dreadful events came on my time schedule! I have total sympathy for your need to slow down and take care of yourself. I will be waiting patiently for our next tea. I will forgo the scones as I have eaten too much lately!

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  2. What a nice surprise to find you had stopped by my place at Peabea Scribbles. Taking a time to enjoy Tea is always a plus. I’ll pray your health improves. I apologize that when you visited me that the link up wasn’t live. I hope you’ll stop back and link up this beautiful blog. It’s open until Saturday. My favorite tea is blood orange, chai, and I’m finding the sleepy time one relazing as I don’t sleep so well sometimes. Happy Tuesday.

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  3. Indeed self care is so important. I believe we all need a time out at times. I find it true of myself as well during my own journey with chronic illnesses. So sorry to hear about your recent need for a time out. Take all the time you need before your ready to write about it. The Holy Spirit will let you know when the time is right. Let me tell you that your words are insightful and encouraging to those of us with chronic illnesses. Blessings.

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