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The Freedom Drive

As some of the restrictions have lifted for our area, I thought we would go on a drive around our beautiful region to celebrate.

So buckle up, I have a thermos of hot water with a selection of teas & some gf double choc fudge brownies for our little celebration.

We set off!

While we have some relaxing music playing in the background.

We travel alongside the Mangroves with the high tide lapping the edge of the road.

We chat about our hope in seeing some Humpback whales going down the coast to their Summer Antarctic feeding grounds.

We enjoy the freedom of traveling & notice others are doing the same.


We also notice that there has been a lot of change along this drive since last we traveled here.

Beautiful old trees & older lower buildings are now gone, in their place are new higher constructions.

We wonder whether this is progress, as the views for the passing travelers have now been interrupted.

Views of this deepest azure water wonderland are obstructed.

Magnificent views of the towering Headlands that guard the entrance to the bay, can’t be seen anymore through these new constructions.

However, we finally arrive at our destination & we are not disappointed as the scenery is absolutely breathtaking today.

We survey the waters for any sign of the aquatic travelers.

Hubby spots a misty spray from a whale’s blow hole.


We wait with excited anticipation for a full breach, a tail splash or a fin slap.

But alas nothing…just a large sailing boat gliding through the waters on the horizon.


It’s time for our beverage & treat, we sit at the lookout with the spring Sun on our backs & cuppa’s in hand.

Enjoying the sound of the waves & the delightful scenery before us…

Yes, freedom is a powerful thing.

A Wildflower walk

Then we decide to go on a Wildflower walk… Just you & I, as hubby sits & enjoys the scenery.


We spot a Yellow Flame flower, a variety from the Gazania family.

These are from South Africa so I have no idea how they got here to our Australian coast.

Although, I have my suspicions that human hands may have had something to do with it.


These Coastal Noonflowers are hardy coastal plants & bring sweet memories of seaside holidays from childhood.


Daisies always bring a smile to my face & they’re flourishing here.


Our walk ends at the top of the ocean lookout.

Real Freedom

While being out of lockdown gives such wonderful freedoms for traveling around our area & a real boost to our mental health.

The greatest freedom has always been the true freedom that comes in relationship with my heavenly Father through His Son, Jesus Christ.

Now where the Spirit of the Lord dwells

(the Holy Spirit’s indwelling of the believer),

there is true freedom.”

2 Corinthians 3:17 Paraphrased

Do you know this amazing freedom my friend?

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Until next time,


You’re most welcome to join me in The Reading Nook

© 2021 Jennifer M. Ross,, Photos by Jennifer All Rights Reserved.

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20 thoughts on “The Freedom Drive

  1. I am so very glad your lockdown has been lifted. I can’t even imagine expecting to see whales – the normalcy of that expectation! Freedom where we step is, indeed, a beautiful thing. Freedom in God makes it even more beautiful, my friend. Thank you for sharing this outing!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thank you so much for sharing this freedom journey with us, Jennifer. Your message and photos of God’s creation are so calming and refreshing. 🙂 And Amen to real freedom in Christ! Love and blessings to you!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. All of your photos were beautiful and I so appreciated you taking me along for the ride 🙂 Daisies have always made me smile too. There’s something about them that speaks of simple joys. But the true beauty and joy in life is the freedom we find and experience in Christ. Nothing will ever be able to take that away, for His Spirit is always with us. Beautiful ride, Jennifer. Blessings!

    Liked by 1 person

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