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Anxious Thoughts

Do you have anxious thoughts at times my friend? I think we all do!

Today, we will reflect upon this very human emotion.

But first let’s get comfy with our cuppa’s & treats.

It’s morning tea time here & I have a toasted slice of gf Date & coconut loaf with a cup of French Lady Grey tea. What’s yours?


I’ve noticed over the last few months that I can get a little anxious about things that didn’t previously concern me. 

Now I know that our hormones & neurochemistry can have a huge bearing upon our anxiety levels.

And conversely our anxiety levels affect the release of our hormones .

We explored this in What to do with Anxiety when it hits.

But I also know that there is always a spiritual content to our anxiety too.

Please Note, I am not talking about the anxiety associated with Anxiety Disorders here.

Another impact on our level of anxiety is how we’re traveling within the of season of life, the influences & pressures that are upon us.

I watched a documentary the other day on the recent research into the affects of ageing upon anxiety levels.

And heard some interesting results.

Does Ageing impact our levels of Anxiety?

In a short answer, Yes!

But not in the way you may think.

Ageing overall has a positive impact upon anxiety levels.

Research found that as we age, we slow down, in slowing down we have time to realise the important things & priorities in life.

In other words;

We quit sweating about the small stuff & concentrate on what is truly meaningful in life.

Of course there will be exceptions to these findings but generally I agree!

As I’m considered a Senior member of my community, I can concede that things that once concerned me don’t anymore.

The Questions that need answering

So why am I getting a little anxious about things that previously didn’t concern me?

Being the therapist that I am, I have to ask myself the following,

Has one set of concerns simply replaced another set?

Or is there more at play here?

Do you find yourself in a similar situation with anxiety & anxious thoughts my friend?

Then let’s explore these issues together…

What’s the difference between concern & anxiety?

Most dictionaries define concern as anxiety & anxiety as concern!

And the definitions include; a disturbance in thought; thoughts that trouble; an unease of thoughts for someone or something in one’s life.

So for our purpose today; concern, worry & anxiety are the same thing.

In other words they’re thoughts that disturb our peace of mind.

They can also disturb our whole body as anxiety brings with it not only an emotional response but a physiological one too!

man in blue and brown plaid dress shirt touching his hair

What does anxiety do to us?

Anxiety induces a fight/flight/freeze response throughout our bodies.

This response pumps a massive injection of Adrenaline into our blood stream making us extra alert, extra ready, extra energized to respond to an emergent physical danger.

Which is a great response if a car is about to hit us or we need to protect a loved one from a wild animal or need to be absolutely still, quiet & alert for some type of danger to pass!

But of course when it’s anxious thoughts, there is no urgent physical danger.

Rather the physical danger comes from our own body’s response, especially when anxiety becomes a problem.

As we were not created to be in a constant state of adrenal hyper vigilance.

Of course there are real issues that impact our level of Anxiety too!

These can be real life situations that we are facing.

In other words we need to be also conscious that certain concerns are very real & will have a bearing upon our level of anxiety.

But as mentioned above there is also a spiritual aspect to anxiety.

The spiritual aspect of anxiety

Always remember that we have an enemy who delights in disturbing our peace of mind.

When this happens we are advised to do the following;

Don’t fret or have anxiety about anything,

but in every circumstance

and in everything,

by prayer and petition (definite requests),

with thanksgiving,

continue to take your concerns to God.” 

Philippians 4:6 paraphrased

This scripture is advising us to move our focus from our concerns & worries, real or imagined to trusting God.

I love the following truth & I have placed my name into this portion of scripture, knowing…

There is none like the God of [Jennifer] Israel,

Who rides the heavens to [her] your help,

And through the heavens in His majesty.

The eternal God is [her] a dwelling place,

And underneath are His everlasting arms.

And He drove out the enemy from before [her] you.

And said ‘Destroy!’ [Be gone!]

So [Jennifer] Israel dwells in security...

Blessed are you, O Israel [Jennifer],

Who is like you, [a woman] a people saved by the Lord.

Who is the shield of your help…”

Deuteronomy 33:26-29 paraphrased

By personalising this portion of scripture it’s truth becomes a comforting reality.

For God is the same God who defeated Israel’s enemies of old.

And His Son Jesus, our Saviour has already defeated the enemy of our souls by His work on the cross & resurrection!

So we need to remember not to give the enemy (Satan & his cohorts) any power in our lives by dwelling on anxious thoughts.

But take all our anxieties straight to God in prayer.

Feel free to replace my name with yours & see the reality of God working for you as He did for Israel my friend.

May God’s peace be a shield for our minds from the fiery darts of the enemy!

Until next time,


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18 thoughts on “Anxious Thoughts

  1. Anxious thoughts are something we all have and need to normalize. Finding positive ways to deal with them is the key. This is a great post to draw attention to this issue. Thanks for linking up and have a great weekend.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. With so much occurring in our world, anxiety is a struggle we all are experiencing to some degree or another. I love the suggestion you have shared, Jennifer, as it truly places our focus on the One who is able to be our help, our security, our peace, and our shield. This is a beautiful and needed reminder!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I truly appreciate that you acknowledge that you get anxious. So many Christian writers seem to find a way to discount real feelings as if just being a Christian put you in a permanent state of bliss! I have been repeating frequently “Is this my problem?” and “Can I do anything about this?” If the answer to the first is “no” I focus on something else. If the answer to the second is “no” I know it is time to pray.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Jennifer, this is quite timely for me as I have just made a huge move to Western Colorado from East TX. I am now near family but in a whole new place. I love it here yet there is much that causes anxiousness…especially my aching body. I hurt it as I was unpacking and all that went into a move and 1100 miles journey across three states. You have reminded me of my need to take it to the Lord. I have just written today about God’s power in my weakness so your post dovetails beautifully with mine.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That is a huge move Linda especially from your home where you were with your lovely hubby!
      I’m saddened to hear that you have hurt yourself. Praying for you right now my sweet friend for a speedy recovery. 🌹


  5. Jennifer, anxious thoughts seem to creep in subtly for me at times, I love the personalized scripture for comfort. I so appreciate this encouraging post on anxiety today!

    Liked by 1 person

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