The Art of Quietness

Have you noticed since CoVid hit we’ve all had the opportunity to learn a new art?

The Art of Quietness…

But have we really taken the opportunity to do this?

Before we can answer that let’s get comfy with our cuppa’s & treats.

I’m having my daily cup of coffee, which is said to be good for our overall health, accompanied by a toasted slice of gf Almond, Apricot & Coconut loaf. Delicious!

Today’s post is the third in our series on dealing with Anxiety.

Patience in Quietness

Have you noticed that as human’s we are an extremely impatient lot!

Last week we reflected upon the positive effects aging can have upon our Anxious Thoughts

And I agree with these research findings to a certain extent.

But there are times when I find myself getting impatient & anxious in pursuing quietness!

I know that sounds such a contradiction in terms ‘impatient & anxious in quietness‘!

So let me define the type of quietness I’m talking about here.

The quietness I’m focusing upon is the quietness of the soul.

That quietness of spirit that comes from a soul assured that God is in control, no matter what comes.

That undisturbed state of mind & confident trust in God for a situation’s outcome.

My prayer

For decades my prayer has been to come to that place in God.

That place of being able to sit in His immovable peace & quietness, no matter what comes my way.

And I don’t mean in a disassociative way but rather being able to be confident in a non anxious & undisturbed peace of mind.

Knowing that my heavenly Father has the situation in His capable hands & there is absolutely no need to be concerned.

a person sitting on wooden planks across the lake scenery

My lovely hubby grimaced when I shared this desire & prayer with him years ago.

Because being opposite in temperament to me, as shared in New Delhi & Chai tea…, he could see that I would be sent many opportunities for this prayer to be answered.

“No pressure, no diamonds.” — Mary Case

And he was right!

You see my friend, God’s peace & assurance is always available to us, especially to those that love Him.

However, we actually have to allow God’s peace & assurance in, in each & every situation that is presented to us.

The Perfect Gentleman

For Jesus is the perfect gentleman He won’t force His peace & assurance upon us.

In other words we need to make a choice; either to give in to anxious imagings or hand those concerns over to our Heavenly Father through Jesus, trusting Him for the outcome.

Over the last few weeks we have reflected on how we do this…

And reiterated that its coming to our Heavenly Father in prayer first & foremost, before our concerns morph into anxiety.

Entering the prayer chamber

However, we also found that anxiety can sneak up on us before we realise it, causing our peace of mind to be totally disturbed.

And when in that mindset of anxious & racing thoughts it can be really difficult to quieten ourselves enough to pray.

So we need some practical strategies…

I find the following strategies work for me, they may be helpful for you too.

Daytime strategies,

I go for a walk in nature, there’s something about God’s creation that really calms anxious thoughts & before I know it I find myself chatting to God as I walk.

Or if weather doesn’t permit a walk…

I grab a cuppa, treat & my journal then sit & write out my thoughts. And before I realise it my thoughts have turned to prayer.

Night time strategies,

If my anxious thoughts have me tossing & turning in bed, I get up.

I then either read for a little while which distracts my mind long enough to be able to then bring my concerns to God in prayer.


I journal out my thoughts which is really a type of prayer because I always address them to the Lord.

Being able to write out our concern & pray brings a wonderful clarity & quietness to the soul.

And is such a practical way to be able to see God working in our life & the lives of our loved ones as our concerns are addressed.

It also helps our impatience to see that God is actually working to answer our prayers ever so patiently.

I’d love to hear some of your strategies my dear friend. You’re most welcome to share.

Until next time,


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49 thoughts on “The Art of Quietness

Add yours

  1. Jennifer, you bring practical steps to the art of quietness, and Mary Case’s quote, “No pressure, no diamonds,” sums up the whole process. For me, it has been years of cultivating an inner quietness and place of peace for the Prince of Peace to inhabit.

    And yes, I used many of the ways you used – journaling, walking in nature, staring outside the window when the weather didn’t permit a walk – to cultivate a place of quiet peace. Now, I can ‘tune’ into this place in a moment. Like tuning a guitar that takes a newbie 30 minutes to tune and an experienced player a minute to tune. We keep ‘tuning’ into Him, and releasing ourselves to Him, and it becomes easier and easier until it becomes like breathing – we don’t even realize we’re doing it because it is such a way of life. Keep persevering! We already see your diamond sparkling.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Jennifer, thank you for addressing anxiety. Learning to be still and embrace quietness are so helpful in dealing with anxiety. I have been searching scripture for passages that help me with anxiety and then saving them to refer back when the enemy attacks!

    Blessings my sweet friend!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Jennifer I felt so rested here today. I love the lesson on quietness, as I seek for that place almost daily. How my heart longs for moments in His presence without the noise of the world or my thoughts! Your strategies are also very helpful!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Jennifer, yes, yes, and yes to getting out in nature. There’s something about a breeze blowing across our faces, sun warming our skin, and the beauty of God’s creation that calms an anxious spirit. It looks like our hearts have been in similar directions lately. 🙂 Thanks for sharing your insights on dealing with anxiety.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Anxiety tends to happen to me once I lie down in bed. I tend to do one of two things: I either pray for people who come to mind; or I get out of bed to read. Both will center my thoughts on God and His greatness and ability to handle whatever life may bring my way. I appreciated your thoughts on handling anxiety as surely the pandemic has brought anxiety to more people and this is sure to be a help.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Joanne! Yes the pandemic has heightened anxiety across the globe to a fever pitch as never before in our lifetime.
      There will be a lot of pandemic post trauma mental health issues for years to come… placing our focus on the Prince of Peace is wise & comforting.


  6. Jennifer,

    Oh, the art of quietness. When attained, it is such a beautiful event. I do believe it takes practice.

    Like you being outside close to God’s handiwork on display does it for me almost every time. I also journal letters to God.

    Thank you for sharing with Grace & Truth. I will be featuring this post on Friday at Embracing the Unexpected. Your blog post received the most click for October.

    Liked by 1 person

  7. This is so true, Jennifer, “We actually have to allow God’s peace & assurance in, in each & every situation that is presented to us.” Drawing near to God in prayer, pouring our hearts out to Him, and receiving His love, grace and wisdom – makes all the difference.

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  8. I appreciate this series. Anxiety & panic attack friend here. At times I cry in the grocery store if there are to many people around me. When there’s to much stimulus going on I can’t process. I’m not fond of going out of my house, but I do go out. And now that it’s time change here in the US, seasonal affect disorder affects me. When spring time change comes I’m fine. I find your words really helpful friend.
    Visiting today from Let’s Have Coffee #18&19

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you my friend, I think you’re doing an amazing job Paula in managing your anxiety, it’s not easy to go out into a world full of stimuli.
      Especially when living with chronic health conditions as well which also lowers our capacity in so many ways.
      You’re an inspiration! Bless you 😊

      Liked by 1 person

  9. I love “No pressure, no diamonds.” So true. Besides some of the things you mentioned, Christian music is something that helps me. I even have an anxiety playlist filled with songs that remind me God loves me and is capable of handling anything that happens. And, of course, going back over passages in God’s Word is a great help–not just His promises to take care of me, but seeing ways He cared for other people in the Word. And then remembering how He has helped and provided for me in the past remind me to trust that He will now as well.

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