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It’s Travel Time!

Welcome my friend! Today we are traveling to far off places.

We’re going to have our time of tea & reflection at a destination or two that you choose below.

So sit back & relax as we begin our armchair travels.

Most Popular Destinations

Recently I took a look at my website statistics to see what’s been the most popular destination on my website since starting this blog in January 2018.

And I was surprised to find its an equal tie between two locations!

One is an exotic destination while the other is a journey of healing to a very special place.

So let’s travel to the exotic destination first with its interesting culture & fascinating wildlife…tap on the colored text below the portholes to be transported to our exciting adventure…where I’m waiting for you…

Tea in the Mountains

Our Next Destination

The following journey takes us to a very special place with an amazing traveling companion I invited along to join us…

A journey of Healìng

I hope you enjoyed our armchair travels today dear friend.

Until next time,


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12 thoughts on “It’s Travel Time!

  1. Such beautiful travels and sharing, dear Jennifer. Thank you for reminding us of our Savior’s great love and protection over us. Even in the brokenness He is so gentle in the healing process! I am so grateful for your heart of compassion. May you be so blessed, dear friend.

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  2. Jennifer, I know from personal experience that God comforts us so that we may comfort others. I read that book by Dale Evans when I was a teen. Our Father is so good to use others in our lives. You are a blessing, my friend!

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  3. I didn’t know about your son and daughter, Jennifer. What deep loss & grief. And what an incredible God to walk ahead of you like that to prepare you. He is so so tender-hearted toward us. And BTW praise God for the boldness of that woman who let her faith – Jesus- do the talking and gifting of that book.

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