I love God’s sense of humor!

Welcome my friend! Did you know that God has a wonderful sense of humor?

No?…well He does & today we’ll be looking at some examples I’ve experienced.

First let’s grab our cuppa’s with a little treat to sit back, relax & enjoy a laugh or two!

I’m having a Bush tea blend made from our native Outback plants here in Australia & a delicious gf Apricot almond loaf I baked a little earlier. 

We haven’t had much to laugh about over the last year have we! With the pandemic & everything else happening in this World demanding our attention.

So let’s take a little humor break at my expense & enjoy my following hilarious misadventures!

The White Coated Spiders

My misadventures seem to always involve spiders or rodents! And God created both!

And boy, don’t we react when we come across these tiny members of our world! Even mighty elephants react to the element of surprise with mice!

My first hilarious experience with spiders was the following…

We’d had a long four wheel drive through the jungle to the project on Tanna Island’s northern tip to set up a primary health clinic. Thus, Helen (wife of the director of the project) & I both needed to head for the facilities our arrival as it was 3am in the morning. 

It was very dark without any electricity or moon light to light the way & the bush “facilities” were outside on the edge of the clearing where the jungle began.

I took my trusty torch & courageously led the way down the path to the “facility” which was a wonky makeshift shed with Helen following closely behind.

As I entered I noticed that our little creepy crawlie friends had taken up residence! They were literally in their hundreds, like something out of a horror movie!

So being the bushie that I’m not, lol, I had come prepared to remove any unwelcome bugs by a white coat method! 

Helen hadn’t seen my method before, we then both got a fit of the giggles at my method (me going crazy coating the area in white mist & trying not have any of the fleeing arachnids land on my head in the process)!

At the same time both of us trying to be quiet as to not to wake the building team who were already on site sleeping, which of course only made us giggle all the more! 

But the Largest Spider in the world got her revenge!

Another time was when I went out to collect the mail from our mailbox & walked straight into a huge Spider’s web with Mrs Spider landing right on top of my head!

We live on the only road in & out of our village…everyone who drove past that morning saw this ol’ gal doing a frantic involuntary ‘spider’ dance with legs jumping & arms frantically brushing at her head.

Trying to get what seemed to be the largest spider in the world, off her head!

Later when I shared this with my eldest daughter she thought it was absolutely hilarious!

Envisioning her Mama jumping up & down frantically, doing the spider dance! In full view of everyone passing by probably convinced it was the weirdest thing they’d seen in a long time because they couldn’t see the spider!

We laughed so hard our muscles hurt!

Research & God’s Wisdom

Yes, laughter is definitely good for the soul…because it releases joy into our hearts & minds…

“A happy heart is good medicine & a cheerful mind works healing…”

 Proverbs 17:22 Refer 2 

Did you know that recent research has concluded that laughter has benefits for chronic pain as the endorphins released are the body’s natural opiates!

How interesting! And yet that wisdom was written in Proverbs eons ago…& last but not least…

The Clown

When I was in my early twenties I lived overseas in Penang, Malaysia with my young family as we were on a Defence Force posting.

And you know what, God used His sense of humor to use an encounter with a clown to introduce me to some amazing women who were to lead me to a personal relationship with Him!

You can read the full story HERE

Can you remember a time when you laughed so hard that it hurt my friend? Or when you saw God’s sense of humor in your life? Please share…

Until next time,


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30 thoughts on “I love God’s sense of humor!

Add yours

  1. Laughter is good medicine! Jennifer, I laughed with you at your spider dance and the “facility” shenanigans. I am not fond of spiders and little insects. Thank you for sharing today, we all need more laughter in our lives!

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  2. Laughing till your sides hurt and your eyes squirt is always the best feeling. I have always felt that God has a sense of humor which is probably why we experience times when we know not to take ourselves too seriously. Laughter is truly “the best medicine.”

    Liked by 2 people

  3. O Jennifer, boy can I identify with you in this story! God DOES have a sense of humor, and I think sometimes he likes to remind us of our stodginess in just such ways. It’s especially good to be able to laugh at ourselves!

    Liked by 2 people

  4. Laughing is wonderful. Thank you for giving me that gift this morning. I can envision you dancing around with that spider on your head.

    Many times I pray for laughter in my day. And God always delivers. I’m going to pray that for today.

    I have been to the Dominican Republic a few times on mission trips. And one of the biggest takeaways was the camaraderie and laughter we had while serving and pointing people to Jesus.

    Thank you for sharing with Grace & Truth Link-Up.


    Liked by 2 people

    1. You’re most welcome! How wonderful to serve in other countries Maree! I’ve not been to the Dominican Republic, how exciting!

      I loved the smiling happy faces of the Ni Vanuatu when I was there. They made life a joyous event in everything they did! And yes the camaraderie of the combined Team made up of Ni Vanuatu & Australians was very special indeed! 😀


  5. A older lady at church commented, “I laugh all the time” – and I remember thinking I wish I were one of those people who laughed often and well. I think my joy, though, just comes out differently. I had a wonderful laugh about a week ago – but maybe I need to do like Maree does – and ask God to give me laughter during the day! I never want to do the spider dance, though I think I have done it quite a few times in my life.

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