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In my Summer Garden

Hi! Welcome my friend, I thought for our time together today we would sit in my Summer Garden, so we can enjoy its warmth & delight.

However, before we sit & enjoy our cuppa’s I’ll take you on a little tour around my garden to show you what’s flowering at the moment.

Our Bromeliad’s have been so beautiful & profuse this year. We have a whole garden bed of them under our Peach tree & Christmas bush in our back yard.

Our Orchids have been giving us such a show this season here are my favorites.

Then there’s the bright Bougainvillea & a single Gladioli that poked its beautiful flower stalk up in the bed of Matchstick Bromeliads (which aren’t flowering at the moment) at our back fence.

God’s handiwork in His creation never ceases to amaze…Don’t you think!

I thought I would serve our cuppa & treats a little differently today by getting you to choose where in my Summer garden you would like to sit!

All the reflections give a little inspiration for love whether you’re married or single!

So make your choice/s from the blooms in my garden below & tap the colored text under the photo where I’m waiting for you with our cuppa & treats…

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Garden room 1

white yellow plumeria flower in bloom during day time

Garden room 2

yellow hibiscus

Garden room 3

I hope you enjoyed our tea time in my Summer garden today dear friend…

Until next time,


You’re most welcome to join me in The Reading Nook


© 2021 Jennifer M. Ross, All Rights Reserved.  Top photos all by Jennifer. Frangipani & Hibiscus on 

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