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What a Gentleman!

Welcome my friend! I’m so glad you have joined me here for our cuppa & reflection together.

I have coffee for a change & a gf fruit cake for us today.

I love being treated like a lady!

There’s nothing that grabs my attention more then a gentleman!

I love doors being held open for me, a seat offered on a bus or train & courteous gestures of chivalry!

You see I love being treated like a lady!  

I so admire the courage, thoughtfulness & the self sacrifice of the men who gift these chivalrous acts.

Gentlemanly behavior melts my heart. Because it’s a man putting a woman first!

It’s considerate, kind, thoughtful & honoring!

My late husband Ed, as well as my present hubby Steve both caught my attention with their quiet, gentle & considerate ways as gentleman.

The definition of a gentleman; a courageous, honorable, chivalrous & courteous man. 

The Perfect gentleman

Many years ago when my daughters were in their teens, while we were traveling home from extra curricula activities, the topic of gentlemanly behavior arose.

My second born asked who I thought was a good example of the perfect gentleman.

This was easy to answer, as there is only one perfect gentleman who has walked this earth & He is a thorough gentleman!

I explained…

  • He is courageous,
  • He is honorable,
  • He is courteous
  • He is attentive,
  • He is patient,
  • He is never forceful but always gentle,
  • His kindness abounds,
  • He has made the ultimate self sacrifice,
  • His chivalry is beyond measure…

An example of this is seen in His following words;

“I stand at the door [of each heart] & knock,

whoever hears My voice &

opens the door [of their heart]

I will come in &

dine with them &

they with me.” said Jesus.

Revelation 3:20 

The perfect gentleman is the Son of God, Jesus Christ.

Isn’t that amazing!

Jesus stands at the door of our heart, knocks & calls to us.Then patiently waits for us to invite Him in!

It’s always refreshing to remember His constant gifts to us through His Spirit…

Thoughtful protection, peace that passes understanding, gentle guidance & direction…for more read Prayer

Until next time,


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28 thoughts on “What a Gentleman!

  1. I am so blessed to have a husband that is a perfect gentleman. I love the connection you made about Jesus being a gentleman! Thanks for linking up with us at the GATHERING OF FRIENDS LINK PARTY 10

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  2. I always appreciate the common courtesies extended to me as they seem to be less frequent. My husband has always been a gentleman. I pray we have raised our son to not only be a gentleman but to always extend kindness and courtesy to all. It is a beautiful and easy way to make others feel special.

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