The Love Step

Welcome my friend, we are going to be reflecting upon love today with a twist…Let’s grab our cuppas first & get comfy, I have a Russian Caravan tea blend, I really enjoy its fresh ricey flavor. What’s yours?

Walking in step…

Yesterday as hubby & I were walking along the waterfront, hand in hand as we like to do, we found ourselves out of step with each other.

Hubby’s stride is far longer & faster paced then mine (as he’s a tall 6′ to my tiny 5’1) making our walk together somewhat awkward & uncomfortable. Unless…

We both consciously make the decision to fall into step with each other. He slows his pace then I matched my stride with his, giving us a much smoother & far more comfortable rhythm to our walk together. That’s Love…

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What is love?

A dear friend asked me, many years ago, the following question after we had both been through very difficult failed relationships.

“Jen, what do you think love is?”

Let’s take a look at the definition of Love that we were given by the ancients which is still relevant today, often read at wedding ceremonies…

“Love is patient, love is kind, isn’t jealous, love doesn’t brag, isn’t arrogant,  does not act unbecoming; it doesn’t seek its own, isn’t provoked, doesn’t take into account a wrong suffered, doesn’t rejoice in  unrighteousness, but rejoices with the truth; bears all things, endures all things. Love never fails…”

1 Corinthians 13: 4 – 8

Love never fails?

When we read the above it seems an impossible task! And it is! The end bit there, that love never fails, really gets to you when love has definitely failed!

However there’s a missing ingredient in this mix that is often left out, especially when it is read at weddings. This definition isn’t of human love but of God’s love! He is the main ingredient in this formula!

Humans simply can’t love like this, before you object let me ask you the following;

Is your love always patient & kind to your partner, family & friends? Have you ever been envious or jealous?

Have you ever lamented over how much you did for a person only for them to turn around & reject your love? But we don’t see this as bragging, we see it as hurt & rejection!

Have you ever acted unbecoming in a relationship? Have you ever argued because you saw that your opinion was right?

Does that old wrong suffered bubble to the surface when a new wrong happens? Do we grin & bear those really annoying habits of our loved ones, that really get under our skin, without commenting or complaining? Hmmm…

woman and man sitting on brown wooden bench

Human love is flawed!

You see we as humans do get impatient in our love, we can be unkind, we get envious & jealous, we brag, we can be arrogant, we can act very unbecoming!

We seek what’s comfortable for us, we can have a long memory of a wrong suffered, at times we can rejoice in unrighteousness if we secretly see it as someone who deeply hurt us getting their just deserves!

We don’t always like to hear the truth especially about ourselves, we don’t like having to put up with annoyances & our love often fails!

However when the main ingredient, God’s love, is placed in the mix it flavors & permeates all these areas for His love & grace! We can love all these attributes, giving out to others through His love flowing through us…

So let us consciously fall into step with Him, hand in hand with the Spirit of God daily because His love always has a beautiful rhythm & comfort that never fails!

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20 thoughts on “The Love Step

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  1. I think I have mentioned before that when we were married the minister stressed that God was the third member of our marriage. Through 32 years we have found that to be completely true and He has carried us when neither of the two humans was doing a very good job of it.

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  2. Yes, I have seen my own love fail so often, but God’s love keeps pouring out, never-ending! Thank you for this precious reminder to match pace with the Father. His is always best! Blessings to you Dear Jennifer.

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  3. Jennifer, I loved this post! The illustration of you and your husband falling into step with each other is such a perfect way to view loving. And you’re so right, we can only love this way (1 Cor 13:4-8) when God is helping us and He’s at the center of our lives. As you listed off ways human love is flawed, I was thinking back over this week and times when my love fell into some of your descriptions. I’m thankful God enables us to love like He does when we ask. 🙂 Have a good weekend!

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  4. So true, Jennifer. Human love is flawed. My hubby Bill and I had to work hard to get to the point where we are now. We have certainly had our ups and downs. Only God’s love is perfect. His love is the model for ours.

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  5. That is excellent insight, Jennifer! I think needing to adjust our steps/stride happens even more as we age or deal with health issues. I am 5’2″ now after age has reduced me by 2 inches and my sweet husband was once 6′ and now is 5’81/2″ with age and all his back issues. I can and do walk faster despite a shorter stride, but his steps (now with 2 lumbar compression fractures in recent months) are slower and our walks are shorter, but I would never want to miss the joy of holding hands for a walk for the sake of distance or speed. One day one of us will not be here and I cherish each walk together. (I also choose to walk at other times with a friend or alone to get the cardio that I want as well.)

    Have a beautiful day!

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