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Running In Her Shoes

Welcome! Come on in my dear friend, join me in our time of reflection together…

This month seems to have a convergence of quite a few important events, so I thought it would be great to reflect upon these over the next few posts. Today we have two such events…

First, let’s get our cuppa’s ready, I’m trying a new Ginger & lemon tea with a delicious gf Apple & Cinnamon tart with a dob of Greek yogurt (a treat from Mother’s day). What’s yours my friend?

A Marathon Run of Pandemic Proportions

In this time of CoVid19 restrictions, I thought this a perfect time to shed a bright light of awareness on the following…

As we have all been in CoVid19 social isolation & lock down measures around the globe for many weeks now.

With most finding this time extremely challenging & unsettling with our usual freedoms, liberties & ‘normal’ routines totally stripped away, isolated from family & friends with social distancing our new norm.

And while this is still fresh in everyone’s experience, I would like to bring attention to those who suffer from chronic health conditions.

You see while this time in pandemic lock down has been very strange, scary & frustrating for the majority of the world’s population.

you got this lighted signageFor those of us with chronic health issues this is nothing new. For years we have had our ‘normal’ routines stripped from us by the very nature of our conditions.

Bringing a marathon of social isolation from regularly seeing those we love, not being able to attend many important family functions & incapable of doing ‘normal’ everyday life as we once knew it.

Social distancing is not new to us, as we always have to be cautious & mindful of those who may pose a heightened threat to our already compromised health.

As the common cold, influenza or other minor illnesses greatly impact our chronic conditions with major consequences.

May is Fibromyalgia Awareness month

If you visit here often then you’ll be aware that this is one of the chronic autoimmune conditions that daily makes itself painfully known to me. One of its impact is described in Listening…

The CoVid19 lock down has given you a unique insight, taking you on a run in our shoes, in our daily marathon of chronic health restrictions.

While the lock down will end soon for the majority of people, who will all slowly get back into their routines.

Those of us who experience chronic health conditions will continue running an exhausting marathon of restrictions.

Running Partner’s

This month hubby & I also celebrate our wedding anniversary. I’m very grateful to my Heavenly Father for gifting this man to me. You may enjoy reading how we met in God & Volcanoes…

He is such a wonderful running partner in this marathon which isn’t easy on either of us. Even in this season of both having chronic health issues, ours is a happy & contented life. And we work well together as a team in the face of adversity.

Although we are definitely opposites in our tastes, temperaments & music choices, we really do enjoy each other’s company.

Though, we have worked extremely hard in our relationship over the years to get to this point. As each of us came to this marriage with differing degrees of past hurt, betrayals & pain from previous relationships.

A brokenness that needed a little more processing & healing through God’s love, strength, patience & in our love for each other.

Hubby often quotes a promise that was given to us for our marriage & really is the premise God has set for all marriages that He brings together…

“A three stranded cord [God, being the third strand] is not easily broken.”

Ecclesiastes 4:12

man and woman holding hands walking on seashore during sunrise

In other words, if we both choose to place our Heavenly Father in the center of our marriage & our individual lives, on a daily basis. We can view each other & our marriage through His lens rather then our own clouded ones.

This way when an issue arises, as it does in any marriage, we can view it through His lens of love & patience for each other, rather then our own right angled ones, (the angle of right!).

Remembering, that while we may have differing perspectives on an issue, we can move forward in a respectful manner, as each of us has the God given freedom to have a unique perception.

So my dear friend, let us always be mindful & respectful of others…For most of us are trying to live our best lives within the circumstances that we face…even in a CoVid19 pandemic lock down or running in a marathon of chronic health restrictions.

Until next time,




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30 thoughts on “Running In Her Shoes

    1. Yes, being retired does make the lock down a bit easier Tom, I agree.
      It’s the same here with restrictions being very slowly lifted in incremental stages, though hubby & I are keeping ourselves safe & following medical advice for our older age group.
      Lovely having you drop by for a cuppa 😀


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