The word is Release

Welcome! Come on in for a delightful time of tea & reflection together. Or maybe your delight is coffee!

Today I have some new delights, a berry luscious tea with an apple & blueberry almond muffin. I’ve been experimenting with healthy low carb almond flour. What’s your delight today?

Once again I’m sitting at my desk, but with a Jazz instrumental playing in the background this time rather then a sonata. The position of my desk overlooks the Poinsettia bushes that have grown into small trees down the side of our driveway.

Where are you seated today with your hot beverage & treat of deliciousness? How are you going in this time of social distancing?

macbook air flower bouquet and magazines on white table

It’s difficult not seeing family & friends isn’t it! This Sunday it’s Mother’s day here in Australia, my daughter & family who live an hours drive away thought that the restrictions may be relaxed, so we could go on a social distancing picnic together with three of my grandchildren. I had been so looking forward to this…

But our State Premier quenched this idea on the news last night, that will not be happening this weekend for Mother’s day…as public picnics aren’t yet allowed.

My other daughters & grandchildren live interstate with one granddaughter overseas, the state & international borders are still closed. I will not be seeing them either but I’m not alone in this am I!

Thus, last night while pondering this disappointment & reading over my journal, I was reminded of the word I had been given for this year, Release.

The year of Release 

The Dictionary definition of Release is;

  • to set free
  • allow (something) to move, act or flow freely
  • the action of or process of releasing or being released.

The scriptural definition;

  • Spiritual Release

Jesus said, “…He [God The Father] has sent me to proclaim release to the captives… And recovery of sight to the blind, to free those who are downtrodden. To proclaim the favorable year of the Lord.” 

Luke 4: 18-9

  • Spiritual Rest 

“Therefore there remains a sabbath rest for the people of God…Let us therefore enter that rest…lest we become weary…”

Hebrews 4: 1-11

  • Spiritual Renewal

“…To proclaim the favorable year of the Lord… To comfort all who mourn, to grant to those who mourn…garlands instead of ashes, the oil of gladness instead of mourning, the mantle of praise instead a spirit of fainting. So they will be called oaks of righteousness, the planting of the Lord that He may be glorified.”

Isaiah 61: 2-3

Thus the year of release is a sabbatical year. The sabbatical year is one that is a favorable year of the Lord. It was known as a year of completion.

candle burning near flowers and tableware

The favorable year?

As I look over the last five months so much has happened in our lives here in Australia;

  • We had severe drought
  • That was followed by catastrophic fire storms
  • That were followed by floods
  • And now we have a pandemic

None of which seems to fall into what I would classify as the favorable year of the Lord!

However, let’s examine what blessings have been released in these troubling times. I shared the blessing of truly trusting in God’s faithfulness when faced with a catastrophic Fire Storm & in Release & Rest.

How sharing our unique life experiences can release encouragement to another in their difficult circumstances in Living Life Well?

And last week I shared The Secret to Life which is an amazing blessing to have in life. Releasing us to see each disappointment, hardship, sadness & difficult situation through His eternal lenses rather then our own clouded ones. 

So what can I see this Mother’s day?

My daughter & I had a discussion about this, as she doesn’t think my granddaughter Little Miss L,  who has special needs, understands social distancing. Especially in the exciting event when she sees her Nanny (me). Also her siblings said that it will upset them not being able to have their special Nanny hugs & kisses when they see me.

So, because I’m in the highest risk category for CoVid19 (especially with these autoimmune conditions), hugs & kisses are sadly not possible at this time.

I had to decline seeing them this weekend in either of our homes (which has just been allowed in the past week here, with one nuclear family visiting a couple).

Eternal lens helps to clarify His wisdom over & above our misty emotional heart lens. Eternal lens differentiate His patience from our impatience, knowing that we will once again spend quality & loving time together, as a family, with many hugs & kisses, after a little time of waiting.

What are you seeing through His eternal lens in your time of waiting dear friend?

Until next time,



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33 thoughts on “The word is Release

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  1. Hi Jennifer, I am drinking coffee as I read your post. Your words are always encouraging and point to scriptures. I find it hard sometimes to release because I want to control a situation. Ultimately, I always come to the conclusion I am not in control, but God is and that is so comforting. Happy Mother’s Day my friend ♥️

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    1. Thank you Pam! Yes, it’s not easy to let go & release our illusion of control is it. Especially those of us who feel we need to have that control.
      But it is such a blessed relief when we do… 😀 Happy Mother’s day sweet friend!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Jennifer, I’m praying for you this morning. It is so hard some days as we long to just relax and be with those we miss and love. But may we persevere and keep doing what is right, knowing He will release the captives in His time and in His wisdom.

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  3. Beautiful insight here, Jennifer. This especially spoke to me – “Releasing us to see each disappointment, hardship, sadness & difficult situation through His eternal lenses rather then our own clouded ones.” Also that His “Eternal lens helps to clarify His wisdom over & above our misty emotional heart lens” and “differentiate His patience from our impatience.” Thank you for reminding me of this! It’s such a difficult time, also for the younger ones who can’t understand. It breaks my heart how much it affects them, too. I hope you have a beautiful Mother’s Day in spite of it all! Love and blessings of peace and safety to you!
    P.S. We love those Coconut Date Slices. 🙂 My hubby said they’re addicting! Thank you again for the recipe!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m so delighted you found encouragement here Trudy & thank you for your kind words. ♥
      I’m so glad you enjoyed them! I had been concerned they may taste different with your different branded products there but glad you enjoyed them! Lol! My hubby says the same 😉 although he would like chocolate in them! I remind him they wouldn’t be healthy ones then! 😀

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  4. The whole world is being invited into a deep rest. It is interesting to see how differently people respond to the challenge. Here some take guns and protest without masks at government buildings. Others are praying more intensely and more often than ever. Peace to you.

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    1. Yes, it has been interesting Elizabeth, some don’t want to rest. Seeing the different reactions around the world has been fascinating.
      Here we aren’t necessarily volatile but there are those who are still doing the “wrong” thing passively aggressive I might add…
      Not staying home or having “visitors” they’re not supposed to be having!
      Or going into public places receiving the $1k fine for their non compliance.
      But in the majority people here are doing the right thing.
      And those who have entered this rest are stating they are truly enjoying it & hope they can continue the lessons they have gleaned in the time spent with their children after this ends! Peace to you too! 😀

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  5. Dear Jennifer,
    Yes, this is certainly a different time! And I recently heard the word “release” also, to set free some gifts that had been held inside too long. Isn’t it interesting how He takes HIS words so deeply into our hearts? Thank you for sharing such precious encouragement here. May I open my heart to more from Him during this time. Blessings and love to you!

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  6. Wow, what a tough year with so many natural disasters hitting Australia so hard. Praise God that he is greater than his creation and still holds all of creation in his capable hands, even when all seems to be out of control. I’m sorry you couldn’t hold your little loves and give them the hugs and kisses they enjoy so much. Hopefully you can spend time with them in coming weeks and months.

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  7. We did get to see our son and 2 of our grandsons for Mother’s Day. We can’t have a meal with them but we could sit in their back yard and talk. We even played a game of hide and seek and threw frisbee for a while. It is hard to imagine this as a sabbatical year, isn’t it? I guess this falls under the heading of not understanding God’s plans for us. Who knows what is in store?

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    1. How delightful for you guys! I’m so glad you got to spend time with your family Laurie on Mother’s day!
      Yes, I’m thankful He knows the beginning from the end & we can rest in that 😀


  8. I’m sorry you weren’t able to see your family on Mother’s Day. It was my birthday yesterday and I had been hoping to be able to drive for an hour to visit family, even just to sit in the garden, but unfortunately it wasn’t to be. It definitely helps to release it to God and to keep sight of the bigger picture.

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  9. Your tea sounds lovely. I am drinking coffee right now. I plan on making fresh blueberry/raspberry muffins later this afternoon and will have one of those with tea tomorrow morning. It is comforting to know that we are to trust in Jesus and know that he will get us through this pandemic. It certainly doesn’t seem as if we humans have anything figured out.

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    1. Lovely to have you drop by Tom!
      Music is a sweet distraction from the pandemic, isn’t it.
      I agree, we do indeed need to enjoy each day, as you’re correct we only get one chance at this life!


  10. Surely for all of us there are blessings (abundant) in every season. In the most troubling of seasons. Thank you for the reminder – and the shift of perspective! I hope you are able to snuggle and kiss on your little granddaughter soon!

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  11. Thank you Jennifer, my eyes were drawn straight to this post as ‘Release’ was God’s word to me in 2015 which became a significant part of my spiritual journey – I will save this post to reflect on!

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