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What type of fragrance are you?

Hi, come on in my friend for a lovely cuppa together.  I recently read a great post on seasonal fragrances by Donna*.

I haven’t really given much thought to the scents of all the different seasons before. Have you?

Although, I always enjoy the beautiful fragrance of Spring with the heavy scent of Frangipani, Gum blossoms & Star Jasmine in the air.

And in most seasons the smell of the salty sea greets me on my walks by the waterfront, living here on the East coast of Australia.

But the fragrance of other seasons has escaped me…

But, before we continue let’s grab our cuppa’s & get comfy, I’m having a cup of Coffee today with a toasted slice of gf Date Loaf! What’s yours?


Like most people I enjoy wearing different fragrances, although my all time favourite perfume is White Musk as it reminds me (& my grandchildren) of candy.

Did you know that aromas are the strongest memory prompts? They can trigger memories like nothing else can.

selective focus photo of bottle with cork lid

An example of this is in the following;

The other week as I drove along the country back road to my daughter’s home, once again the aroma of the countryside combined with the scent of the live stock, the freshly cut Lucerne & seeing the farmers working in their fields transported me back in time.

In that moment my mind flooded with sweet, sweet memories of my late husband, Ed.

The familiar aromas of the countryside had triggered memories of a time when I had amazing health & energy.

Working alongside my wonderful man in the paddocks, stock yards & the shearing shed as we worked the farm together.

It was a sweet time that is forever etched upon my heart of a man who demonstrated his love to me in such amazing ways with his legacy living on to this day.

I thank my Heavenly Father for Ed’s love & our precious life together that we had before he lost his battle with brain cancer.

A sobering thought to ponder…

As Season is my word for this year that recent post definitely caught my attention, as I often ponder what Spiritual aroma I may be leaving behind for the Lord.

And ask myself the folllowing am I; to God the pleasing aroma of Christ among those who are being saved and those who are perishing? As 2 Corinthans 2:15 states.

Hmmm, a sobering question…Don’t you think?

Until next time,


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* The Fragrance of Christ

20 thoughts on “What type of fragrance are you?

  1. I thought of that verse when I first saw your title! Unfortunately, I’m allergic to some scents, so I can’t use candles, scented lotions, etc. the scent of fresh cut grass, even on my son’s shoes when he comes in from mowing, can make my sinuses fill instantly.

    But some of my favorite scents are the smell of rain and goodies baking.

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    1. Yes, that can be problematic when we have allergies to certain scents, I’m the same with grass mowing. I have to close up the house before hubby mows!
      So glad you can enjoy the aroma of baked goods & rain though 😊

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  2. The details of your post go straight to my heart – frangipani, lucerne, white musk (I need to check that out – smells like candy – that sounds delightful). I am a scent sensitive person – I can smell them in – the slightest, the loudest, and they affect my mood. How I want my faith to be a sweet aroma that changes someone’s mood in a good way. I so enjoyed the car ride with you in this post!

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  3. Each season carries its own fragrance, Jennifer – spring for me is the fresh scent of roses and of rain after a rain shower; summer is of cut hay; fall is of freshly baked bread; winter of freshly baked pies and holiday trimmings. And yes, these scents bring memories of my childhood, differing seasons of life with my husband and children, and the current season. I’m so thankful He walks every step of the journey with us, Jennifer. And thank you for sharing a glimpse of your life with your late husband, Ed.

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  4. Jennifer, this is such a powerful post. I love the smells of each season…freshly mown hay, Sarah Bernhardt peonies, honeysuckle, etc! What fragrance do we leave behind? That is a sobering thought. Happy Weekend sweet friend!

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