Pick a Box

Welcome, it’s time to slow down & sit for a while, to just breathe & enjoy a delightful beverage & treat while having a bit of fun.

So grab your mug, tidbit & get comfy.

When I was growing up we had this show on TV called ‘Pick a Box’.

It was one of the very first contestant shows with a host & three contestants that were  asked a range of questions & whoever got the answer correct could pick a box that was on the wall of boxes, (similar to a Post Office Box wall).

Behind each box was a prize but not all prizes were of equal value! For example instead of an appliance like a Washing machine a can of baked beans would be in the box.

I thought we would have some fun today with playing Pick a Box!

Choose from the following boxes & see what’s behind the box (tap on the text below the photo to enjoy)!

I promise you won’t get a tin of baked beans.Lol!




I hope you enjoyed a bit of fun today dear friend.

Until next time,


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18 thoughts on “Pick a Box

  1. Thank you so much for participating and sharing at @esmesalon #SeniorSalonPitStop 258 Tweeted and I decided to only pick box two. Thank you so much. Please come back on Monday to see if listed in the top 15 or by a co-host.

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  2. Well I chose every box and was not disappointed. Some many insights to ponder on this Friday! As always, thank you for sharing the living Word! Blessings, my friend ♥️

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