Do you doubt your value?

Welcome my friend, come on in & we’ll have a lovely cuppa together while discussing this important topic today.

Last weekend, I just needed one of those lazy & relaxing afternoons as you do, so I put on a movie to watch.

I had made myself a cuppa & sat down with some savoury treats while hubby decided he preferred to go out into his workshop & finish off one of his projects.

But I’m getting ahead of myself here, before we continue let’s grab our cuppa’s for today.

I’m trying a three ginger herbal tea with a slice of gf home baked Apple & Coconut loaf. What are you having my friend?

The Movie

The movie was the last in a trilogy, I had already watched the other two movies over the preceding weekends.

But this particular movie always brings tears to my eyes at its ending but I’m getting ahead of myself again.

The trilogy has four main characters & it’s about their adventures in overcoming evil & learning many hard lessons along the way.

The theme to these movies is that the main characters can not overcome the evil that they’re faced with without the help of the One who is Supreme.

Even though they try with the support of the inhabitants of this fantastical world who are faithful followers of the Supreme One, it ultimately takes him to overcome the evil.

I had read the books the trilogy is based on to my children & grandchildren when they were young.

But I think the movies really do bring out the imagery of these adventures far better, in this particular case, then the written word.

A Startling Revelation 

In one particular part of this movie one of the main characters makes a decision to become someone other then herself.

Even though they had all been warned that in this adventure they would be tempted in their deepest darkest fears & desires.

And her desire was to be more like one of the other characters who she saw as far more beautiful, desirable & acceptable then herself.

She finds a way to do this & decides one night this is what she’s going to do.

Now this particular character had always been able to have a special relationship with the Supreme One.

In fact she had been chosen by him to bring the other main characters into this amazing world.

As she is transformed into another & the scenes play out, she suddenly realizes that she had actually wished herself away, this absolutely terrified her.

The next scene shows her standing with the Supreme One as herself again, he looks at her sorrowfully but with great compassion.

He asks her what had she done, she tells him & says how terrifying it was.

He reminded her that she had chosen to do this but goes on to say; “Dear One,

You doubt your value, don’t run from who you are.” *

This I think is such a poignant reminder to us, don’t you think?

So many of us often doubt our value & run from who we are, trying on different personas that we convince ourselves are far more appealing & acceptable.

Believing the deception that we will be more accepted if we were; thinner, more beautiful, more intelligent, tried harder or had the right career, relationship, decor or personality.

I see so many running from who they are & who they were created to be, becoming copies of the so called ‘popular’ people that the media hold up as the most acceptable & desirable ones.

You see just as in the movie there is deception at play here!

value text in frame

The Deception at Play 

You may have noticed that over the last few decades our uniqueness & individuality is slowly being eroded away.

This saddens & concerns me especially as a Clinical Counsellor, for we have been created as unique individuals & that’s what makes us all so amazing.

Being different from each other brings such a wonderful variety to this world that makes life interesting & exciting.

We need to retain that uniqueness & grow in our individuality.

Not become cookie cutter copies of the few or each other!

This is something our movie character had to learn through that hard lesson.

That she in all her uniqueness & individuality had had a very important role to play & still had in the scenes to come, as herself.

For having learned that hard lesson she instantly recognised the deception when the others were being sorely tempted & could alert them to it.

Let’s make this personal…

Unfortunately, when I was in my teens & early twenties I too bought into this deception, that I wasn’t acceptable.

This was a legacy of being bullied & abused as a teen.

You see a child doesn’t think they’re unacceptable until bullies decide to target them.

At first I ignored the nasty remarks & heckles from these bullies but when it’s constant & consistent, it starts to erode a child’s self esteem, worth & value.

Grades started to fall & doubt began to creep in as to my own worth & value.

Sadly leading to unwise choices in my early adult life in that loss of confidence.

It wasn’t until I found that the greatest love story that has ever existed, existed for me personally through a relationship with Jesus, did I start to see the truth of my uniqueness & value to God.

So just as our character Lucy* above had learnt that hard lesson & in turn could warn the others about the deception as it played out, I am here to sound a warning.

In Aslan’s words;

“Dear One, don’t doubt your value or run from who you are.”*

For God has said;

“…You are precious in My sight and honored, because I love you.”

Is 43: 4

God loves our uniqueness & individuality, He created us that way.

So let us shine for Him as the unique individual that we are!

Until next time,


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10 thoughts on “Do you doubt your value?

Add yours

  1. Love this post, Jennifer. It speaks deeply to me. Suffering rejection in many ways from some of the people who promised to love me, I also doubted my value, and ran from who I really was. Trying to be everyone else, I became lost. It was a long road home, but I praise God He never left me alone.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Donna thank you for sharing your heart here, rejection often causes us to hide behind masks & personas.
      I’m so glad the Lord guided you back to shine as Donna & you do that beautifully sweet friend ❤️


  2. Such an important and relevant lesson for each of us, Jennifer. My heart goes out to you and others who have been bullied in the past or are currently being bullied. 😦 Although I haven’t been bullied in that way, I am walking through a season now of being rejected by someone close to me. It has really tested me in so many ways. So I appreciate your words of affirmation that God loves me as I am.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. This is an important reminder. It is easy to compare ourselves to others and to feel bad about ourselves instead of remembering that God created each of us to be unique and that is a good thing.

    Liked by 1 person

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