Do you struggle with change?

Change is inevitable, the seasons demonstrate this to us every quarter.

But in the seasons of life while some change may be inevitable, it’s not always welcome nor easy to handle, is it?

This will be our topic for today my friend while enjoying a cuppa together.

So grab yours, get comfy & we’ll begin…

Recently, I’ve been juggling thoughts of the seasons of life. Why?

Because Seasons is the word I have for this year.


Its been a habit of mine, for the past two decades, to read over my previous year’s personal journal entries at the beginning of a new year.

I do this for the following reasons;

  1. I get to have a bird’s eye view, so to speak, of the entire year’s journey.
  2.  I can see how wonderfully God brought together circumstances that while difficult at the time, when looking back I can see how His wisdom resolved many of those situations. But always in His timing & in His way.
  3. It’s a source of great encouragement knowing how God has been with me every step of the way in the year that was & moving forward will be in the year to come.

I also get to see how I coped within situations & circumstances that were presented to me, an analysis if you like of my thoughts, feelings & coping strategies.

Which gives me a basis to change certain actions & reactions for the future if needed. A self improvement exercise.

Why Self awareness & improvement?

Well mainly because its a legacy from my Professional days as a Clinical Counsellor.

Self awareness is very important as a Clinical Therapist in how we think, feel & react to patients in their many & varied experiences.

And what we take to our debriefing sessions with our Clinical Supervisors.

But also because some changes in life are easier to cope with then others on a personal level.

And I believe that we need to be aware how we handle change, both expected & unexpected in our lives, as change is inevitable in this life,

Let’s explore this a little more…

elderly woman sitting on chair while thinking

Expected change is quite different to unexpected change! 

We all expect change in our lives as we progress in life, don’t we?

For we know that with the passing of time comes change. These changes are not necessarily negative, in fact they can be very positive.

Over our lifetime we may enjoy the arrival of many blessings in our lives with careers, relationships & family.

As we age hopefully we learn from experience that what we fretted about in our younger years we need not in the ensuing years.

Hopefully we have learnt that by coming to God’s throne of Grace about all things in life, He is the One who takes care of the circumstances & situations in our lives.

Fretting & worry about these things only prove to harm us & doesn’t change the situation at all.

Then there’s unexpected change that many of us dread…

The unexpected diagnosis that came out of left field or the early morning phone call that notifies us of the sudden & tragic death of a loved One.

The unexpected change that comes to us may be less dramatic then the things mentioned above but no less traumatic.

Yes, unexpected change can be very traumatic indeed!

Looking over personal journals can reveal such wonderful insight!

Although it’s my habit each year to look over my past year’s journal entries, every 5-10 years I look over the broader journey I have travelled.

Having written a conclusion to each passing year makes this task easier.

It’s always full of encouraging revelations & blessings to do so.

For I can see the journey & process from a different perspective, God’s perspective!

In how He has led me on His pathways through the circumstances in my life & how I have both processed & handled those circumstances emotionally & spiritually.

Looking over the past ten years, I realise I’ve been in a Season of Quietness.

The following scripture comes to mind;

‘The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not lack.

…He leads me beside the still and restful waters.

He refreshes and restores my soul…’

Psalm 23: 1-2

Yes, its definitely been a long season in learning more of the The Art of Quietness

Something that isn’t always easy to do!

To be comfortable in quietness no matter what’s going on around us often means going through circumstances that do the very opposite to unquieten our souls!

If you have a moment please read Here for further explanation. 

Until then dear friend,


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32 thoughts on “Do you struggle with change?

Add yours

  1. That sounds like a great practice, Jennifer. Thank you for this suggestion and for revisiting the Art of Quietness. I need to remind myself of this often – “Knowing that my heavenly Father has the situation in His capable hands & there is absolutely no need to be concerned.” Love and blessings to you!

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  2. Change is inevitable and there is much in Scripture to support that truth. I am helped that God is well aware of the changes that we are all presented with in life, including illness and death, and never leaves us alone.

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  3. Hello Jennifer! Your blog name caught my eye as I was commenting on Linda Stoll’s recent post. I love tea! Enjoyed meeting you today and sharing your journey of thinking upon the seasons of life. I often think of the seasons of life as they relate to our own physical life here. Spring – Birth; Summer – Youth; Fall – Maturity; Winter – Elderly/Death. And the seasons repeat! Enjoyed your thoughts, have a blessed weekend!

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    1. Hello new friend, so lovely having you drop by today. We have something in common with being tea lovers! 😊
      I like your description of the seasons & how they relate to our seasons in life. You have a blessed weekend too! ☺️


  4. Jennifer, you’ve captured truth in every line and have given me much to think about. I’ve tried reading my journals in the past and found it just too difficult. I found God in the circumstances and emotions but there was too much pain.

    I’m encouraged that this practice is helpful to you. Thanks for sharing this important post.

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    1. Yes, that can be a difficulty Linda, I often recommend two journals to patients when going through difficult & painful times. A practice I have done also when times are tough.

      One I named ‘The poo journal’ where all the highly charged emotional entries could go (& recommend just a plain notebook for this so that pages could be torn out & either shredded or burnt). As we don’t want to keep highly charged emotions to go back over in the future. When our emotions are highly charged they are often irrational. 😉

      The other was ‘The Gratitude journal’ (choosing a beautiful journal for this one) where calmer more rational entries were made that were encouraging & a blessing in the same difficult time, & bring a blessing when read in the future. ☺️

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  5. Jennifer, this week I picked up a journal from 10 years ago and started reading. Yes, there are seasons of life and change is not always easy. Thank you for sharing great insights, as always.
    Blessings sweet friend!

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  6. I like your practice of looking back old journals. It’s not something I’ve done much but I can see how remembering how God has led us through hard times and difficult changes in the past could build our confidence to trust him for the present.

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  7. This was very encouraging to read this evening, and I like the recommendation you made in one of the comments to keep two journals during hard times – one for all the junk, and one for all the gratitude. I’m not much of a journalist, but occasionally I try. My observation (totally as a layperson!!) over the past many years is that I am totally good with changes that *I* want to make and clearly benefit me, but my gut reaction is to be opposed to any change that someone else initiates and inconveniences me. Even if it’s going to be a really good thing for me! And obviously those unexpected changes and unanticipated fallout from changes – ugh. I’ve experienced my share over the past couple years. Visiting from Sweet Tea today.

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    1. Hi Kym,
      Lovely having you join me in a cuppa! I’m delighted you found encouragement here.

      Yes, you describe what many of us feel; change that we initiate we’re happy to welcome but when unexpected change comes to us out of left field or by another’s hand we’re not so keen on & can struggle with.

      Having two journals really does bring insight into our lives through those more challenging years.


  8. Like you, Jennifer, I re-read my journals. I find it helpful to see where God has cared for us in the past, especially during those ‘unexpected changes’ you talked about. This was a beautiful, encouraging post, as always! Blessings to you sweet friend!

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  9. Jennifer, what a great idea to revisit the previous year as we move into a new one. I really like your perspective and reasoning for doing this. We can always use the reminder of God’s faithfulness and how He’s seen us through the past year. This can be an Ebenezer of sorts, reminding us that God was with us then and is with us still.

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  10. This is such a beautiful and life-enhancing practice, Jennifer! I keep a one-line-a-day journal that holds 5 years for each day. When I write today’s entry, I enjoy looking back to see what I was doing 1, 2, 3 years ago on this same day. I agree that self-awareness is SO important to our spiritual and emotional well-being.

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  11. Jennifer, I love how intentional you are, both about journaling as a regular practice and then going back over the previous year to review, summarize and trace God’s hand. I don’t keep a journal, per se, but I do journal my prayers on my computer. I rarely go back and read them, but I like knowing they are there if I need to remember when something happened or how God worked in a certain situation.

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  12. I love change until I don’t. It is complicated. I love the way you differentiated between unexpected and anticipated change. I tire of repeatedly going to the same restaurant, yet I have been known to resist change even when it points to progress.

    Thank you for sharing about how you journal. I love it.

    I’m featuring your post on my Grace & Truth Featured Pinterest board. Thank you for blessing us with your words on our link-up.


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