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Have you ever seen yourself as a Hero?

Have you ever thought of yourself as a Hero? No? Me either! But I was called one this week…

I’ll explain as we enjoy our cuppa’s together. So grab yours & get comfy.

I’m enjoying a different tea today, Wild Apple, Cinnamon & ginger, its very mild but comforting as only a mug of tea can be.

I also have a slice of my home baked gf Lemon & Coconut Loaf, so moist & delicious!

What are you having today my friend?

Where the story begins…

When I was a child I attended a school that promoted the love of God.

My teachers had all dedicated their lives to Him & were living what they believed was His calling for their lives.

They were indeed living examples to us children of His love & their dedication both fascinated & inspired me.

My favourite part of the school day was hearing stories from scripture in morning devotions. Although I was always saddened to hear the stories that an ancient disease had kept people isolated & apart from their families.

However, I was delighted when I heard the story of Jesus healing many who had this disease & they were able to rejoin their community again.

Then one day as I was sharing these stories with my maternal grandmother, she told me that my great Aunt had once had a call to serve God.

Going out to the Islands off Australia as a Nurse to care for those with this ancient disease knowing she would not return. I was absolutely shocked to hear that it still existed & was affecting people in modern times.

My grandmother also shared that my great Aunt had ultimately given her life in that calling, dying quite young there surrounded by the people she loved & had nursed on the Island.

The Call

During that period of childhood I felt the nudging of the Holy Spirit upon my heart that one day I would serve God in a similar way, caring for those with this ancient disease that was still affecting people today.

But of course life has a habit of taking us on pathways far different to what we think as a child.

Adolescence, marriage & then motherhood seemed to come in quick succession.

But God’s plan for our lives will be accomplished in His way, His timing & for His purpose.

Then as a young Mama & wife, we were posted on attachment to a Military posting in Malaysia, where we found ourselves living across the road from a school for Missionary kids (MK). You can read all about this amazing time in Penang, Pearl of the Orient.

When I began voluntary work at the MK school, I was invited by one of the missionaries to visit her on the mission field in Thailand where she was living & working.

While visiting her there, she took me to an isolated community of those who had suffered from Leprosy which you can read about in the Leprosy community in Thailand.

retro stamps and word passion on paper

That childhood passion

That visit would reignite that childhood passion to help those suffering from Leprosy.

On my return to Australia, I began the long road to become a Reconstructive Surgeon with the intention of working with the Leprosy Mission once qualified & experienced.

However, that wasn’t God’s long term plan for me.

Our family circumstances took a dramatic change & were not conducive to such a heavy study load as is required for Medicine & Surgery.

Although I had already completed my preMed course at the University by this time.

‘Many are the plans in a person’s heart, but it is the LORD’s purpose that prevails.’

Proverbs 19: 21 Ref

On seeking God’s guidance & direction I continued in a far lighter study load that I could do part time, while raising my daughters & eventually graduated as a registered/certified Clinical Counsellor here in Australia.

However, I never lost that passion for those suffering from leprosy, becoming a Leprosy Mission Educator here with the occasional short term mission trip abroad as family life allowed.

But seasons in life change & I eventually had to finish up the Educator position & continue in more of a support capacity.

Why was I called a Hero?

I received a certificate for my years of support to the Leprosy Mission this week, it stated that I was a hero, a hero of hope!

I’m assuming all their supporters received one in the mail, as I did,  but none the less it was both humbling & thought provoking, as I’ve never thought of myself as a hero.

Rather, that I simply answered the call of the Holy Spirit to serve. 

But reading the booklet that came with the certificate I realised that to those who are given the Multi Drug Therapy treatment, reconstructive surgery, vocational training & support with love & acceptance.

All who give their support to the Leprosy Mission in whatever capacity whether it’s frontline workers, medical staff, prayer warriors or financial supporters are heroes of hope to those suffering.

World Leprosy Day is this week, let us be aware that this ancient disease is still adversely affecting many, many people around the world in this modern age.

In fact 200,000 new cases are diagnosed each year! Most of these people are still shunned & isolated by their communities out of fear & a misunderstanding of the disease.

Western countries are not exempt as the US, Britian, Canada, Australia & many countries in Europe still detect new cases of Leprosy in their populations every year.

Our continued support is greatly needed as this ancient disease is entirely curable today through Multi-Drug Therapy!

Will you be a Hero of Hope today my friend?

Here are some links;

Leprosy Mission International link HERE*

Leprosy Mission Australia link HERE*

Until next time dear friend,


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