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The Art of the WAIT

Welcome my friend to our time of tea & reflection together.

Today we will be looking at that word WAIT, that has most of us break out in a sweat & find one of the hardest things to do.

But today there’s a twist, as all is not what it appears as there’s an Art to waiting.

First let’s grab our cuppa’s, get comfy & we’ll begin.

I’m having an unusual tea blend today recently given to me. It’s called Revitalise, a combo of cinnamon, cardamon & ginger, it’s very mild. What’s yours?

The Action of Waiting

Waiting seems to be the hardest thing for us to do & has a whole Psychology behind it as I shared in A Season of Waiting.

You may have found that waiting in lines or for medical appointments is not only tedious but can test the most patient of those amongst us!

Then there’s waiting for that long awaited life event to happen that we are somewhat patiently or maybe impatiently waiting for…

Or waiting for that longed for answer to prayer…

Yes, the action of waiting can be difficult!

The Seasons of Waiting that are productive

However, there are Seasons of waiting that are quite productive, like waiting for fruit to ripen for that delicious fruity reward, as we are at the moment with our tomato & strawberry plants.

Or for healing to be completed from an illness, injury or surgery.

Or waiting for that long awaited child to be born.

These are all things worth waiting for, don’t you agree?

The Acronym with a question

Recently I had a conversation with my daughter who shared that she has been practicing the Art of the WAIT. 

With the following acronym:

W = Why

A  = am

 = I

T  = talking? Ref

And she said by following the WAIT & putting this simple question into action, it was absolutely revolutionising her life.

I loved this!

And thought the following;

  • How many times do we talk when we should be listening?
  • How many times do we say something before we think it through? Living to regret it!

We need to WAIT & ask ourself that question; Why am I talking? 


Pondering this acronym over the last month I’ve realised there are many reasons why we talk instead of listening.

Some are;

  • Being uncomfortable with a pause or silence in the conversation & think that we need to fill it.
  • Feeling fatigued & therefore not paying as close attention to the conversation as normal.
  • Going on the defence in hearing the first few words spoken as a critique, instead of listening to the Other in what they are actually trying to convey to us.
  • Feeling we have a helpful contribution to make from personal experience. As we all relate to another’s experience through our own lived experience of similar circumstances.
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Let’s get personal…

Many of you may know that listening was a major part of my profession.

And having spent well over thirty years as a Clinical Counsellor, before early retirement, the Art of the WAIT had become inbuilt.

But recently I’ve noticed that I too can talk when I should be listening. And should be waiting & thinking through what I’m about to say much more carefully, if say it at all.

I’ve recognised the reason for this, it’s a combination of fatigue & wanting to make a helpful contribution.

You see I’m always battling fatigue with these autoimmune conditions & any type of social interaction takes a lot of energy.

I’ve realised that what I’m trying to do is have quality interaction before the limited energy that I have for that day fades away.

And with many years of life & professional experience under my belt, I feel I may be able to make a helpful contribution to the Other’s journey.

However, I’ve noticed this is not always wanted nor welcomed!

As most people just want to be heard.

It takes practice 

Granted the Art of the WAIT takes practice to become a part of our norm, like any other Art.

But just as my daughter found, its revolutionary when we do.

I’ve been practicing this art again & have found it to be most helpful.

It does take practice though, as at times I do slip up. Most often when I’m really tired & then wish I had thought through those words before talking or just listened instead.

I’m reminded of the following wisdom;

‘To everything there is a season, a time for every matter or purpose under heaven…

…A time to keep silent and a time to speak.’

Ecclesiastes 3: 1 & 7b Refer II

Until next time dear friend,


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16 thoughts on “The Art of the WAIT

  1. Love the acronym! It’s perfect. Believe it or not, I have learned to wait with grace in this season of my life. Good to visit with you – it’s been a while. In my cuppa? I just had morning coffee but my mid-day tea is usually Chai. Blessings…

    Liked by 1 person

  2. It seems God has put the idea of waiting on many hearts recently. I recently wrote about waiting on God when we long for prayers to be answered. I love the perspective you’ve shared here and the connection between waiting and listening. There is such a difference between active listening and listening in order to merely respond.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Jennifer, hi. i’m finding more contentment in waiting, listening, simply being present in this season. there’s more freedom and peace in not having the answers and holding space for others with their questions.

    God is good.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I love your following statement Linda;
      “I’m finding more contentment in waiting, listening, simply being present in this season. there’s more freedom and peace in not having the answers and holding space for others…”
      God is definitely good! 😊 Lovely having you drop by today my friend.


  4. What a wonderful acronym for wait! I often find that even when I’m not talking, I may still be thinking of what I want to say next instead of fully listening to the other person who is talking. That’s not good either. Thanks for the nudge to stay more aware of this.

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