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Recently, I read some articles by differing authors, that were of great concern.

Their words were written in anger & directed towards the people who had caused them pain.

Now, I’m fully aware of what pain & trauma can do, having lived through many a traumatic situation in my personal life.

One shared in Forgiving the Unthinkable 

But I’m also acutely aware, as a Clinical Counselor, of what words can do long term.

Especially when spoken in the heat of the moment or through pain altered reasoning. 

You see once spoken or written, words can not be taken back, often causing deep & long lasting wounds to both parties.

man and woman walking on the road while carrying their rucksack bag

So I invite you to journey with me to see what wisdom we can use in such situations in,

Traveling Grace Road…

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  1. I appreciate getting to say the Lord’s Prayer collectively each Sunday. I also appreciate the chance to admit my wrongdoings, both committed and omitted silently each time. It helps me remember that I am also of need of forgiveness. As Christians forgiveness isn’t really optional but often impossible by myself. Those times I need others’ prayers, company and understanding to help me reach the place.

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  2. I agree. Words swiftly written shouldn’t be words swiftly sent. That’s been my experience. 🙂 My goal is to sit with my words for awhile before I send them or say them because my heart needs time to clear out the junk first. I don’t always succeed, but I’m thankful when I do.

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  3. I had to learn forgiveness isn’t automatic, and it’s a process that takes time to peel back layer by layer. However, once I finally forgave my offenders, I felt free from the anger and heartache they had caused me. Thank you for sharing your beautiful words once again.

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