Traveling Grace Road…

Grace is such a powerful word, in fact, I believe one of the most powerful words in the universe…

Welcome to the room I call my Study, where I like to be creative & take time to be reflective.

Will you join me in a cuppa dear friend while we enjoy our time of reflection together.

Today, I have a new French lady grey tea, brewed in my new teapot to sip in its matching cup as seen in the photo.

As you can see I have an eclectic decor in combining the styles of shabby chic with classical pieces.

The oil candle is emanating a beautiful aroma of white musk, which is my all time favorite fragrance.

Shall we begin our reflection…

Words can be very powerful things…Don’t you think…

Words can either bring life or death to a person!

I experienced this in my role as a clinical counselor & therapist, many patients presented with deeply wounded spirits.

These wounds quite often had been inflicted by words, words that had been used as weapons.

However, it was also words of understanding, words of encouragement, words in perspective & words of truth that eventually bought healing.

In the past I haven’t had the practice of ‘a word for the year’ as many do, until 2018.

When the word Majestical kept cropping up. I first heard it in a movie but then it kept coming to mind in so many different situations & applications throughout the year.

Especially around the majestical things of God & His creation.

As the new year approached the word Grace kept coming to mind over & over again. So I pondered upon this…

Having known & experienced God’s grace in my life for over four decades…shared in My story.

I wondered why the word Grace kept invading my thoughts!

I finally realized that this was the word for the new year…

Shall we take a closer look at;


Modern dictionaries define Grace as;

  • A fluid & elegant movement
  • Bringing honor to a person or occasion with one’s presence
  • Divine unmerited favor, love or help.

I also looked at the origin of this word, as I find the history of the English language rather fascinating.

A little research can lead to discovering a deeper meaning to the word then may be used today.

The word Grace has a very long history, it began in ancient Hebrew times when Oral history was passed down from one generation to the next.

The written form of Grace originated around 5,000 years ago as the Hebrew word ‘Chen’ from its root word of ‘Chanan’ which means to extend kindness to one, from above.

It was then translated into Greek as ‘Charis’ meaning love, kindness & life. 

Then translated into Latin as ‘Gratus’ meaning thankful for a pleasing thoughtfulness.

Then Middle English translated it into the word Grace ~ meaning grateful for a kindness & life from above!

Wow! So from its origins in ancient Hebrew times to the present, Grace is defined as;

  • Extending kindness to one, from above.
  • Love, kindness & life.
  • Divine unmerited favour.

Grace has been extended to us from the beginning of Oral history & handed down through the ages, having been translated from one language to another.

It has not lost anything in translation but has gained a richer fullness.

Making grace personal… 

The Grace from above is always extended to us!

Allowing us in return to extend that same grace to others.


God’s unmerited favor,

is given to each of us individually,

in different ways,

in proportion to the measure of


rich & bounteous  gift.”

Ephesians 4: 7 Refer 2

Who can you extend that same grace to today, that you have been so freely given my friend?

Until next time…


You’re most welcome to join me in The Reading Nook

Β© 2019, Jennifer M. Ross, All Rights reserved. Photo Β© Jennifer M. Ross

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24 thoughts on “Traveling Grace Road…

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  1. Your post is a wonderful reminder of this gift given to all of us. Kind words, forgiving each other of our trespasses, and showing mercy are but a few ways we can extend grace to others as our Father does to us. I am looking forward to your future posts in regards to how the beauty and power of grace will work in your life.

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  2. Grace is a powerful word! I am so thankful for God’s Grace that He has extended to me, so undeserved and certainly not merited! Sometimes it is hard to realize His grace in the moment, but as I reflect back it is so obvious. Thank you Jennifer for another beautiful post. Your study is lovely and the presentation of tea is so inviting. Hugs my friend!

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  3. So fascinating to study the meaning and origins of words! What a great word for the year, I can see God giving you so much grace as I caught up with some of your posts that I have been behind with! Oh praise Him for the beauty of His grace covering us! Blessings to you!

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  4. Very timely. For our Lenten journey, the priest asked us to focus on grace as Paul does in his Letter to the Romans. In his homily he reminded us of two things. First God’s grace is sufficient for our needs. And secondly where evil is present grace abounds more fully. He suggested that for Lent, despite all the ugly happenings in the world, we focus on looking for grace.

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  5. Words certainly are powerful! I have been surprised by how effective the practice of having a word for the year has been, and grace sounds like a great focus. I’m glad you have known God’s grace through your challenging times recently.

    Liked by 1 person

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