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The Seasons of Life

I’ve found throughout my life that behind each season there’s a valuable lesson.

I’m not just talking about the four seasons but the seasons of life too.

As you may be aware, it’s Winter here in Australia at the moment which I always think is a ‘season of waiting’ but it’s so much more!

As with the four Seasons of Spring, Summer, Autumn & Winter the seasons of life too, can hold more then we could ever have imagined.

So today, I thought we’d have some fun with…

Pick A Season

I’m waiting in each season below with a cuppa & treat for you, so tap or click on the coloured text under the Photo of your favourite season or seasons for our special time of reflection together.

pink flowers on brown tree branch


silhouette dusk falling rapidly


red leaf trees near the road


person wearing gray and white socks near brown fireplace


I hope you enjoyed our seasonal fun together today!

Until next time,


You’re most welcome to join me in The Reading Nook


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18 thoughts on “The Seasons of Life

  1. Oh it would be so hard to pick just one! All those photos make me smile and while winter is certainly not my favorite I do love curling up in front of a nice warm fire.

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  2. Jennifer, what a fun idea for a blog post. 🙂 I so appreciated your words about relationships. Hubs and I celebrated twenty-six years earlier this year. Relationships take work, but they are so enriching when both people intentionally engage.

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  3. My favorite season is autumn. I enjoyed your inspiring post, Jennifer. We will celebrate our 50th anniversary next February. My husband retired at the end of last year and we are enjoying more time together. God has been faithful and I thank Him for the blessing of a Godly husband. Blessings, my friend ♥️

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