Feeling broken this season?

Is the festive atmosphere painful rather then joyous my friend?

I understand, I really do!

You’re welcome to come sit with me for awhile for a lovely cuppa as we share our heart’s together.

I have prepared a pot of coffee & a pot of Turkish delight tea not knowing your preference.

Accompanied by gf double choc brownies with fresh strawberries & cream.

We are seated in my living room where it’s a bit cooler under the ceiling fan as the December humidity of our Australian Summer has finally arrived!

Emotional pain

Feeling lonely & sad at this time of the year can be very real indeed.

The images of happy families, perfect couples & smiling people can cause existing emotional pain to deepen.

Whether it’s due to broken relationships, a prodigal child, infirm parents or missing loved ones who have passed.

Or maybe it’s due to our own chronic health conditions & depleted capacity, limiting our ability to join in festivities.

Whatever the cause the pain sits like a big lump in our chest. With a blanket of sadness descending upon us that we can’t shake.

Oh, we try to put on a good front for those around us, so not to take away their happiness in this season.

But in reality our heart’s hurt & the lump remains behind our smile.

So what do we do with this pain?

You may be surprised by my answer…

To address this pain we need to enter it…

And process it with the Lord!

As pain is always there for a reason, it signals that there is something festering within us that needs addressing & healing.

And if that means through a professional Counselor, then seek professional help!

For God heals through various ways dear friend.

Understanding Brokenness

Did you know;

To truly understand our brokenness we need to go through the process of healing

I know that can be a daunting & anxiety inducing process but ultimately very rewarding & transformative.

For the result is a far greater wholeness & purpose for our lives in Him!

In my life I have experienced many such times of brokenness.

A great deal of restoration has been done but there is still more to be accomplish.

three multicolored floral pendant lanterns

I have not done this work on my own though…

I’ve had the great Restorer, God Himself & those whom He has sent along the various crossroads in my life to accompany me on this journey of healing.

While walking along the beach one day & reflecting upon this, an image of what God’s healing & restoration process looks like came to mind.

I saw a colourful glass lantern laying on the ground, where it had fallen, broken in pieces, some larger & others completely shattered.

our brokenness can look & feel similar

Then I saw Jesus picking up each broken piece of my life delicately & examine each one carefully with me as part of His healing work.

For Jesus told us;

“The Spirit of the Lord GOD is upon me … He has sent me to bind up the brokenhearted …”.  Luke 4:18

The Clear glue of His Love

He goes about restoring the larger pieces of our brokenness with the clear glue of His love.

But some pieces are so shattered that instead of restoration He replaces those areas wholly with Himself in a most transformative way.

Then His love shines through all the transformed areas!

Lanterns of Light & Hope

So, that through our mended brokenness others may see the light of His love & strength. Beaming forth as living lanterns of hope.

Each of us having a unique pattern to our lantern (life) of His healing Light (just like the lanterns pictured above).

Though this doesn’t mean we are perfect for we are still being transformed in other areas but it does mean we are looking to Him for our lives.

While we are reflecting together my friend, shall we ask ourselves;

What pieces of the broken lantern are we holding onto that is causing emotional pain in this season?

That we know deep down only God can heal with His transforming loving kindness.

Bless you dear friend,


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© 2021 Jennifer M. Ross, teawithjennifer.blog All rights reserved. Photo by hitesh choudhary on Pexels.com 

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16 thoughts on “Feeling broken this season?

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  1. Normally I’d go for coffee, but I am tempted to try the Turkish Delight tea! This is a beautiful post! It is amazing what God can do with our brokenness if we give it to him. Those lanterns are a beautiful image of how when we have experienced his healing we can share that light with others. I guess it’s 2022 for you already (still a few hours to go here) so I hope it is a happy new year for you!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Definitely a coffee drinker here. That being said, I do love tea in the evenings! Thank you for this timely post, I indeed struggle this time of year and appreciate the good sound advice you give. Especially the reminder to look towards healing.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. God is truly the great Restorer, isn’t He? Probably most of us have needed that restoration at one time or another, often repeatedly since we live in a broken world. I’m so thankful that He is close to the brokenhearted. Merry Christmas, Jennifer.

    Liked by 1 person

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