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Are you Just going through the motions of life?

Welcome! Come on in, today we are going to reflect upon those dry & parched times when life takes on the same old, same old feeling.

Where going through the motions of life is exhausting.

For a change I have a mug of freshly brewed coffee for us each to sip as we chat.

A few years ago, a young Mama I knew commented that she felt like she was just ticking boxes in her life…

She had three young children in that crazy busyness of parenting young ones.

I totally understood, I still remember going through that season with my children.

However, at the time she made this comment I was also feeling similar.

But I was at the stage in my life where my children were all adults living in their own lives with their own families.

Then just the other day, dear hubby said he felt like he was just ticking boxes in life at the moment…

Ticking boxes in life will look differently for each of us 

While we all live uniquely different lives in very differing cultures, I believe we all experience this in life at times.

No matter where we live or what stage of life we are going through, life just becomes hard work at times!

woman in gray jacket sitting beside desk

It often happens when we grow weary from trying to fulfill our adult responsibilities.

Which starts to feel like ticking boxes on life’s never ending “To Do” list…Why?

Because weariness suffocates the joy out of life!

What can we do?…

Rest & Restore

Our bodies need to rest & restore when our energy is depleted.

Our minds too need time for rest & restoration!

Otherwise we become overwrought & overwhelmed, to the point where we may not be able to think straight…

Then there is spiritual restoration…

Spiritual restoration always encompasses our body’s & mind’s in the process of restoring our souls.

Let me personalise this…

Looking back over the good & the challenging times of my life, I can see that there have been seasons of restoration.

The words of King David came to mind when I was reflecting upon this topic.

He shepherded flocks of sheep from childhood, you may be familiar with his following psalm;

The Lord God is my shepherd,

He knows & meets my needs.

He makes green pastures in which I lay;

He leads me beside refreshing quiet waters.

He restores my soul…

Psalms 23: 1-3

For an incredibly blessed season in my life, I was married to an Aussie sheep grazier (known in other parts of the world as a Shepherd).

In that season, I really needed a soft green pasture to lay my weary soul, as it had been a very challenging journey leading up to that chapter of my life.

God intimately knew this & met that need.

Then after my dear gentle husband’s death, while grieving as a widow I needed time to restore & refresh in a different way.

I was clearly led from what had been a very restorative green pasture.

To the quiet & refreshing waters that I now reside beside with my present hubby.

You see Restoration is a process, it doesn’t happen overnight.

Especially when our soul’s have brokenness & need Mending!

It takes time & patience

However, we can become rather impatient in these seasons, wanting change & resolution quickly!

But the restorative process is necessary for our eternal health.

In my time as a shepherdess I observed that;

Sheep can not be rushed, the Good Shepherd knows His sheep’s capacity. Rushing them only leads to fearful & anxious sheep. Which in turn causes a downturn in their wellbeing, opening them up to all manner of adverse attacks!

So, enjoy the restorative green pastures & the refreshing quiet waters…my friend. He is gently restoring your soul in however long it takes.

Your circumstances may be packaged in strange wrappings that you may not understand at the moment but He is there even when you don’t realise it…He is there!

The next in the series is What to do with Anxiety when it hits

Until next time,


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20 thoughts on “Are you Just going through the motions of life?

  1. When I feel that way I try to shake things up.. go on vacation and explore a new place, take up a new hobby, change up our routine slightly, try new elaborate recipes, etc.

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  2. I love this: “Rushing them only leads to fearful & anxious sheep.” One of my sons has CAPD (Central Auditory Processing Disorder. It affects how you hear (background noise leads to 94% hearing dropping to 25% hearing) – and it affects learning. For example, patterns need to be broken down in subjects like math, grammar – etc (I could go on forever) – but one thing we noticed in 3rd grade was that if he sat near a test turn-in area, from the moment the first test was turned in – he would go from having all correct, to missing every one of the questions afterwards – because, suddenly, he felt rush and time didn’t make sense. He forgot everything he knew. He ended up sitting away from the test turn-in area and turning his desk away from the clock. Success! Rushing creates havoc! Learning to trust God is such a shield away from those things that cause us to rush. I so enjoyed your post – and how it resonated with my experience!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for sharing your journey with your son Maryleigh that’s so interesting!
      Yes, rushing really does turn the stress up for all of us.
      I love how you state;
      “Learning to trust God is such a shield away from those things that cause us to rush.”
      Amen! 😀


  3. I am seemingly “ticking off boxes” as I prepare to move while selling my home. YET…I have become in this past few weeks more intentional about reading the Bible and doing a Bible study. Both have helped relieve the box issue and focusing on Jesus. This was a fine post for the season I am in as well. Your website looks lovely.

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  4. This is how I’ve felt for the past several weeks. You’ve given me something to think about: I keep fighting myself…sure that the answer is I’m just lazy and must push on.

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  5. I feel more refreshed just having read this. Is that weird? God has made me appreciate the moment and not tick the box. And what a blessing to have been a shepherdess!

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    1. Oh that has gladdened my heart Sarah! I love that you enjoy the ‘moments’ with God & feel refreshed in them.
      Yes it was indeed a blessing, it was physically hard work but I loved every minute of it. 😀


  6. Jennifer, the 23rd Psalm is always comforting. I read once that sheep are not burden bearing animals. As a believer, we need each other and most importantly our Heavenly Father to carry our burdens. When we become weary and heavy laden, He will give us rest. Thank you for sharing your insights and life experiences, my friend♥️

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  7. Jennifer, such a good reminder that even when our circumstances seem strange to us, God is with us. We probably need to remind ourselves of this more often!

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