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Unwrap Your Identity

Do you have trouble sleeping?

I did the other night, so I started reading a book that has been on my bookshelf for the past twenty years.

It has some wonderful wisdom that really jumped out at me which we’ll explore today.

I’m enjoying a Ginger & lemon herbal tea with a slice of toasted gf Date & Almond loaf. What’s yours?

Can you believe it, the thermometer is reading only 10ºC at the moment here on the east coast of Australia!

And it’s raining again so we will be staying indoors where it’s warm!

Chasing our Identity

The chapter I read was titled ‘Live in Obedience’ it was written by an author that is well known in Christian circles but I’ll get to that a little later.

Let’s make this personal,

During my childhood my family moved every few years for Dad’s work. Which meant a new town, new school, new home & new friends.

While this was very interesting & exciting at times.

Teaching me great social skills in how to make new friends & the importance of keeping in touch with old friends (learning precious writing skills).

However, the darker side to being the new kid in school was being a fresh target for the bullies. Especially in high school.

And being seen as ‘different’ in having red hair, pale skin & freckles (now an ol’ gal with white hair & faded freckles lol!) seemed to be literally a red flag to bullies.

wood typography photography luck

Esteem & worth

Sadly, being the target of bullying really plays havoc with a child’s emotional development in the areas of self esteem & self worth.

As the child/teen doesn’t have the life experience or wisdom to know that being a target of bullying is never about them personally.

But rather about the dysfunction in the life of the bully.

But these feelings of low self worth & esteem prevailed into adulthood.

Until I accepted Jesus as my Saviour (shared Here) & I was determined to find my true worth & esteem in Him.

Not realising that I already possessed these in great measure through His love!

So, I set about studying God’s Word & answered the call to full time Bible College & training for ministry/missionary work.

Then later to further academic study at University becoming a certified & registered Clinical Counsellor.

My self esteem & worth reached a healthy point…or so I thought!

It’s interesting how so much of the world & it’s standards of measure are so ingrained in us…Isn’t it!

How we view our Identity 

Is often closely linked to how we view our status, place or role in society!

Let me set a little scenario to demonstrate,

When we first meet a person, more often then not after the initial pleasantries, we question each other on;

What we do.


Where we live & work.

By asking these questions we’re finding out;

  • How we can best relate to this person.
  • If we have anything in common with them.
  • And where they & we fit into our particular society.

Which is often measured superficially by what one does or owns.

Our Identity can be wrapped in what we do for God, rather then who we are in God!

For many years I worked as a professional in the area of Mental Health Care.

Coming to specialise in Adolescent, Family & Grief counseling.

Until chronic health conditions hit!

At first I plodded along continuing to work part time.

But one day I reached the point where I knew I had to take a sabbatical.

This sabbatical has lasted ten years!

In that time God has revealed to me, like He did for Stormie Omartian in that chapter I read, where my true identity lays.

Here are her words which really resonated within me, as they may for you too today my friend,

My identity was totally wrapped up in what I did.

For God to change that,

He had to take away my means of defining who I thought I was


help me to establish my identity in Jesus.”

Refer 2

Please don’t misunderstand me here, I’m not saying that God gave me chronic health conditions & took my ability to work away. He does not do that!

What I’m sharing is that I’ve learnt through this time of having to draw apart from being the professional.

Is realising that I actually had my identity totally wrapped up in what I was doing for God rather then in being His precious daughter!

Its been a long journey of letting go bit by bit, little by little & allowing God’s Holy Spirit to fill me with His acceptance as His daughter rather then as the hard working professional for Him

And accepting the amazing esteem that our heavenly Father & His Son Jesus hold us in…

“See how great a love the Father has bestowed upon us, that we should be called children of God; & such we are.”

1 John 3:1

We cannot measure our Identity by this world & it’s standards my friend.

Especially those of us who know Him as Lord & Saviour for we are not of this world but the one to come (explanation Here).

Until next time,


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34 thoughts on “Unwrap Your Identity

  1. Such good thoughts here, Jennifer. I’m afraid Stormie’s words are all too true for me. I still battle with my identity in Christ, wrapping my value up in my accomplishments. Thank you for the redirection!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Your welcome. I believe it’s a default setting we all automatically go to Donna. I’ve found it’s a continuing journey of surrender & acceptance bit by bit, little by little with the Lord in this area… Don’t you think? 🤔 🙏☺️

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Thx so much for this Jennifer! I thk we so often forget that we are who we are in Christ simply because he loves us so. Self esteem issues are huge for anyone and I too felt I had them all done and dusted…till just recently when Poppa reminded me that I certainly hadn’t.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You’re welcome Jansaun. It’s a progressive journey in God, as you mentioned above just when we think we have it all done & dusted the Holy Spirit reveals further areas He wants to work on! 🤔


  3. Such a beautiful reminder. Thanks so much for sharing. God allowed me to walk through a very painful season in my life to remind me of who He is and how He sees me. At that time, I just wanted the pain to end, but looking back, I can see the beauty in those moments. Now I focus on being a child of God first and everything else second.

    Liked by 1 person

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