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Bursting the Bubble of Weariness

I need some time out...

Don’t you? Time out from this crazy world with all its troubles!

Time out from my own self imposed expectations, time out from the pressures of life, time out to just Pause & Reflect… 

So today we’re having a mini retreat by settling into a comfy chair, putting our feet up to enjoy a large cup of our favourite beverage & some treats.

Mine is a mug of lady Grey tea & a slice of gf Apricot Almond loaf toasted with creamery butter melting upon its deliciousness!

And we’re seated indoors in my comfy loungeroom because it’s freezing weather here!

We thought we were okay…But…

Now we’re seated with our refreshments, I want to know…

How are you my friend? How are you really?

yummy banana bread served with aromatic black tea

Please let me know how you are in the comments below.

I’m a little weary…actually a lot weary to be honest! It’s been a very busy six months for hubby & I!

Some of these things I have shared with you already over the last few months but some of the bigger ones I’ll share in the coming weeks.

Are you feeling a bit weary too?


Have you noticed how weariness spreads through our entire body…

Clouding our minds, creating a fatigue that can only be described as bone weary

It’s reaches so deeply into our beings that it goes right down to our bones!

Expectations of Self

My goal for this year was to try & get out to meet up with friends & family more.

My aim was to balance the extra activity with meditative & restorative quietness…

However this is proving to be a bit tricky for me with my health limitations.

Strategies for restoration

My strategies for restoring are in doing what we are today, putting my feet up to have a refreshing time of tea & reflection.

This may also include writing for our time together or jotting down things in my journal.

It may be reading a good book or doing a word puzzle, I love word puzzles!

I also enjoy walking along the waterfront, smelling the fresh salt air & listening to the rhythm of the waves.

Enjoying the choraling of the birds & feeling that refreshing sea breeze upon my face…as I shared in our walk around My neighborhood…

A time for Contemplation

This is also an opportune time for quiet contemplation with my heavenly Father, as I enjoy His creation.

Just as Jesus invited all to come to Him while here on earth. 

We can spend time with Him through the Spirit of God today for He left us with this invitation;

“Come to Me, all who are weary


heavy laden,


I will give you rest.

Take My yoke upon you,


learn from Me,

for I am gentle


humble in heart


you shall find rest for your souls.” 

Matthew 11:28-29


I’m feeling a lot more refreshed now…

I hope you are too my friend. What’s your favourite restorative thing to do? Please share…

Until next time,



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30 thoughts on “Bursting the Bubble of Weariness

    1. Thank you Anita!
      Yes, Eugene Peterson in his translation for The Message translates those verses into an interesting concept.
      ‘He is the God of hope’ for His all of His creation that’s for sure 🤗


  1. I’m glad you’ve taken time to rest and refresh! Read a little, knit a little, sip a cup of tea and honey, then read a little, knit a little and do it all over again. That’s my idea of a sweet rest – especially if everything’s tidied up – which can be challenging in our home with all the comings and goings of our people. I’ve felt that weariness – and that need to just stop the doing! Shalom, Jennifer!!! ~ Maryleigh

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Jennifer, it must be wonderful to live so near the beach! I enjoy getting outdoors and depending on WHERE outdoors, I love snapping photos. Breathing in fresh air and looking for glimpses of God’s beauty is refreshing for my spirit.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I love living near the water Jeanne! The surface of the water reflects the moods of the sky so perfectly which prompts much food for thought for our reflections 😉
      I love that you take photos of the great outdoors Jeanne! I often think how amazing your photos are in your posts 😀

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Jennifer, thank you for the “personal invite” to visit today and I’m glad I did. I am sorry for the additional lockdowns, etc. I am right with you in the weary camp. My goodness what a long six months it’s been. I managed to contract something on our Memorial Day weekend and its talons are deep. Doing everything I can to be strengthened. AND, I’m doing a 30 day cleanse of all sugar and yeast – so I cannot enjoy that bread with you – not even a cuppa. Very difficult indeed. Weary is the correct word – Lord, Your people are weary.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m saddened to hear you’re not well Susan. Being unwell really does fatigue & weary us. Praying for your speedy recovery dear friend. 🌹

      The loaves I make are yeast free, sugar free, gluten free & lactose free but not taste free ☺️ they’re delicious made with half Almond Flour.
      As I have celiac disease & other food intolerances.
      These loaves are gentle for the tummy & very healing for the digestive system. 😉


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