My Neighbourhood…

G’day from Australia! Today we are going to stopsmell the roses…meaning we are going to take time out from the busyness of life!

To enjoy a time of stillness & refreshment in the beauty that surrounds us…

We begin….

As we walk… let me describe to you some exciting things in my garden that my husband has been cultivating…the Azalea is magnificent this year…

Our lemons are ripe & ready for harvest on our dwarf ‘lots of lemons’ tree & our strawberry plants are loaded with strawberries, harvest is sweet!

As we stroll down the road & turn the corner, a view of coastal bliss greets us…

Reaching the waterfront we observe the wind skimming across the surface of the water creating distinct smooth & wrinkled effects, steering the anchored boats in the same direction…

We observe the Pied Oyster catchers as they scour the rocks for oyster delicacies…with their striking colors…of black & white with bright orange legs & beaks…as we trudge through the sand…

We come to a timber seat, we sit….enjoying the Seabreeze upon our face, the warmth of the sun on our backs…the sound of the waves lapping the shore entwined with the melodious song of the native birds above our heads & as the tide recedes….

Our soul quitens, the tension ebbs from our souls & peace flows, we sense His Holy presence…we savour the moment…for He, the Spirit of God is with us…

We eventually amble back to enjoy a hot cup of  tea…as we sip our tea we focus on the following truth observed by the ancients…

“…since the creation of the world

His invisible attributes,

His eternal power and divine nature,

have been clearly seen,

being understood through that which has been created…” 

Romans 1:20 Refer

It was so lovely to have you drop by, I hope you enjoyed our walk around my neighbourhood & our time together dear friend…

Until next time…


You’re most welcome to join me in The Reading Nook

© 2018 Jennifer M. Ross, Photos by Jennifer All Rights Reserved.

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41 thoughts on “My Neighbourhood…

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  1. OK, now I am officially confused. Are these pictures taken in winter? If so, what is your climate? If these are summer pictures taken to remind you of summer during the winter, I understand. I loved the photos, no matter when they were taken.

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    1. Yes, these were taken in our winter last week, we have a winter that doesn’t get snow or frost being so close to the sea where we are (on the southern east coast) in Australia.
      Our temperatures range from 5° – 18° Celsius through our winter where we live but an hour west of us can range from < 0° – 18° Celsius.
      Our Blue Mountains (Great Dividing Mountain range which extends from the bottom of the east coast of the mainland to the very top) can get <-5° with snowfall in the southern states. Our snowfields are in this mountain range in the state of Victoria.
      So compared to your winter we could be classified as moderate, we do get the icy wind blasts off the antarctic which can make it feel much colder.
      I feel the cold terribly with having Hashimoto's Thyroiditis.

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  2. Jennifer, where you live looks like an idyllic vacation spot…so lovely and relaxing! It makes me more curious about this country of yours and the wonders to explore. Thanks for taking us on your trip around the neighborhood. I am sipping some coffee to get off my feet from preparing food for our two adult grandchildren who are making their first solo trip (510 miles) on their own for a very short visit before the younger of the two returns to college in a few weeks.

    Also wanted to share with you that my book is out and done! What an adventure!!

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    1. Congratulations Pam! How exciting! Can’t wait to hear about your adventure with it!
      We do live in a sleepy little fishing village which is an ideal vacation spot.
      Glad you enjoyed our walk! Have fun with your grandchildren! ♥

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  3. What a beautiful place, it has been 90’s or a 100 here in Georgia, lots of storms this summer. I love the azaleas, I had beautiful ones when I lived in Atlanta. They only bloomed in the spring. The kind in the front of the house now bloom more but just aren’t as special to me, they can take the heat but I can’t. You pictures are lovely.


  4. Oh how lovely to see your neighborhood and bits of your yard. Thank you for sharing! Are you able to see the water from your house? We live close to a lake, but it’s only visible from our house (just a wee corner of it) during the winter when the trees are all bare. There’s just something so soothing next to the water! Blessings to you tonight!

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  5. Absolutely beautiful, Jennifer! I couldn’t help thinking that I wished winter in the Midwest of the U.S. included flowers, fresh fruit, and walks by the sea. Thanks for sharing this with us and for linking up at Counting My Blessings!

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  6. Lovely! Sure wish I could be there as it is snowing again here. But this is the next best thing to turn my mind to warm and sunny summer days and beautiful gardens. Thanks for inviting me into your world for a few delightful minutes. God bless.

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      1. I definitely do not like the cold and snow. January has been quite cold, but nothing like Northern Ontario where yesterday it was minus 37 C with a wind chill making it feel like minus 43. Glad I don’t live there.

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      2. Goodness! I feel cold just thinking about it! I’m glad I don’t live there either.
        My body wouldn’t cope, with the chronic issues I have, as I feel 10 degrees colder than everyone else as it is & I need a blanket at night in Summer!


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