Dreams, are you living yours?

Dreams are different things to different people, so I thought we would reflect upon this topic today as we sip our cuppa’s & enjoy our treats.

It’s raining here & it’s cold! So we’re inside where it’s warm & cozy with our hot beverage, munching upon sweet gf caramel choc brownies.

One of those Moments!

I’ll let you into a little secret, recently I had one of those moments, you know the one’s where your mind goes completely blank.

It was when one of my daughters asked me what my dreams were for traveling. Ummm…

This beautiful daughter of mine (yes I am bias!) loves traveling to interesting & far off destinations. She has traveled extensively & was reading a list of dream destinations to us that she’s hoping to go.

One of her dreams is to take each member of the family to a favorite destination! 

This prompted a lot of excited discussion around the table with her sisters on the topic. As this particular discussion took place on our ‘girls weekend’ recently, something we haven’t had since they were all living at home some twenty six years ago!

It was such a precious & delightful weekend!

It was suggested within that discussion that we can have one of our ‘girls weekends’ at an overseas destination, when international travel restrictions are lifted.

A Moment that has turned into many moments of reflection

I finally replied that I would have to think about where I would like to go & get back to them.

And ever since I’ve been mulling it over…& over in my mind.

You see there’s a major factor as to why I’ve stopped planning to go to far off destinations. Which is chronic health conditions.

It’s a daily reality I live with that I can’t ignore!

A bit scary…

At first, in reflection I thought I may have stopped dreaming all together which was a bit scary!  Not having hopes & plans for the future, not  just in traveling but in everything was concerning.

This started to bother me for I know that a life without personal dreams & hopes for the future isn’t a healthy place to be!

Dreams are personal

I also know that dreams are very personal, so I started looking back over the dreams I’d had before these chronic health conditions impacted my life sixteen years ago.

I’ve been journaling for decades, so I have ready access to my written dreams & musings.

Some were the following (they’re not listed in order of priority);

  •  To be a writer & have a series of writings published
  •  To be content (settled & at peace) in whatever circumstances I find myself
  •  To be a support to my daughters & grandchildren

That was such a fruitful exercise! And put my mind at ease.

Because I can see that those dreams, hopes & visions for my future before chronic health issues have actually become realities within this time of chronic health issues!

How amazing is that!

Sure, I have had to adjust those dreams to my circumstances, as in supporting my family within my capacity to do so.

However, over those sixteen years I have been very blessed to be able to walk alongside them, when needed, as best I can through His strength.

And I have learnt that being content, has actually come out of wrestling with these chronic conditions!

For without the struggle true contentment is elusive because it’s the struggle that presses us more into Jesus’ grace & strength to carry us through the situation.

As God tells us,

‘…I will give her her vineyards (a settled peaceful life) and make the Valley of Achor (trouble & affliction) to be for her a door of hope and expectation. And she shall sing there and respond as in the days of her youth…’

Hosea 2:15

And with my dream of writing, well apart from successfully publishing two publications within the last sixteen years.

Every week over the last three years I tap the ‘Publish button’ & enjoy your delightful company over a cuppa. And find my posts visiting well over a hundred interesting countries around the world. How blessed am I!

Living my dreams

Yes, I can say that I’m definitely living my dreams, their packaging may look a little different than I had envisaged but they have come to fruition, none the less, & that’s truly amazing.

Another thing I’ve realized is that I love traveling here in Australia to see my daughter’s & grandchildren where they live or meeting up in between because it’s the destination of meeting & being together that’s my true travel delight.

Are you living your dreams my friend, do they look a little different then you had envisaged?

Until next time,


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26 thoughts on “Dreams, are you living yours?

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  1. How wise and well-said, Jennifer! I think it is a great exercise to look backward at what our dreams were and discover how they have been lived out albeit often a bit differently. Sometimes I wonder what the Lord’s dreams for me have been and hope that I have discovered them as I have meandered and sometimes stumbled through life. We have loved traveling but my husband’s chronic back pain has limited that for us and gradually I have gained joy in smaller distances and realized some of the places I most wanted to go, we have gone and the desire to revisit them is still there and yet I am satisfied if that doesn’t happen.


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  2. As always, your posts are encouraging. It is good to take inventory of those dreams and see how they have played out. I dreamed of travel as a young bride and that dream has come to fruition. We have traveled to 39 countries and five continents, more than I ever could have imagined. Most important was my dream of grandchildren and spending time with them, God has blessed me more than I could ever deserve.

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  3. Good for you, Jennifer. You are, indeed living your dreams. I think I am too. Now that I am retired, I have much more time to do what I want to do. Since the pandemic is easing, we are allowed to travel within the US. Hubby and I hope to take advantage of this. Also, we would like to travel internationally by this fall. I’m with your daughter – a lot of my dreams involve travel. I love to see new places.

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  4. Thankyou my lovely friend.
    I am at present fulfilling a dream l never dared to dream. Sharing from my Website..the W O R D of God.
    You have been a great encouragement to me Thankyou. Now my dream is a reality and l fare to dream of ..reaching the World! Bless you.

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  5. You ask an important question! As a mom, I think it’s easy to set aside our own dreams in order to help our kids accomplish their dreams—but God gave us talents and dreams and we have a responsibility to nurture them. Thank you for this reminder to revisit my dreams.

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  6. So beautiful, Jennifer! I think these past couple of years have caused us to fine-tune many of our dreams as we consider what is truly important and life-giving. But I hope that as we emerge, we will embrace that balance of contentment and passion in our dreaming—gratitude right alongside gumption. 🤗 Thanks for sharing, friend!

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  7. Reflection brings insight, Jennifer! Yes, I’m living my dreams though it manifests itself differently than I envisioned when in my 20s. I’m thankful for the Lord’s leadings through triumphs and trials, He really does work everything together for our good.

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    1. That’s wonderful to hear Lisa! In there with you, my life has been very different to what I envisaged when I was younger too, it’s better! He does indeed work all things together for good!
      Lovely having you drop by today ☺️


  8. What fun food for thought! I think for the most part I am living my dreams… though that doesn’t stop me from dreaming even BIGGER. I definitely have a list of dream travel places and even though I’ll probably never even make it the majority of my list it does keep growing.

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