Hidden Treasures of Darkness revealed

Welcome my friend! Today is a sunny day here in Australia but it’s a little chilly out, so we are indoors. Listening to the gentle strumming of a guitar playing in the background as we have our time together.

We’re enjoying some Aussie treats called Pikelets topped with Strawberry jam & cream. With a blend called The Outback Bush Tea, perfect with Pikelets.

Hubby & I have been watching the late Bob Ross series, The Joy of Painting. He was a talented landscape artist in the 1980s & 90s.

What we have both noticed while enjoying this series is that he constantly tells his viewers the following,

you need the dark to show the light!

With each new creation he demonstrates that the dark colors need to be applied to the canvas before the lighter colors.

And you know what…he’s right! The painting instantly comes alive when the lighter, brighter colors are painted upon the darker, as each dimension of the landscape is revealed.

However, he also tells viewers to be careful not to cover all the dark otherwise the painting will become flat, dull & uninteresting.

Demonstrating that the shadowing is just as important as the highlighting to give depth to the life of the painting. 

“The Shadowing is just as important…”

Isn’t that interesting! Last week I mentioned that we would be reflecting upon the following scripture, 

“…I will give you hidden treasures of darkness…”

Isaiah 45: 3

Over a period of two decades this verse really puzzled me. My thoughts were,

‘what on earth is God trying to tell us today about hidden treasures of darkness?’

Because for me the meaning of darkness in a scriptural context was synomus with evil & wickedness. Until…

The darker color is used to create the background

In 2006 I became fatigued, so fatigued in fact that I found it increasingly difficult to lead a normal life. I sought medical advice but answers weren’t forth coming.

Although, like most of us, I continued to push myself above & beyond in the weight of life & work responsibility. Until one day I simply couldn’t any longer!

Finally in 2009, I was diagnosed with the incurable autoimmune conditions of Hashimoto’s Disease, Celiac disease & Fibromyalgia.

While these diagnoses were surprising, it was a relief to finally know what was causing the chronic pain, debilitating fatigue & everything that goes with these conditions. 

Being the eternal optimist that I am, I thought this was just a another challenge to overcome & would soon get on with my life…

When the background needs a little highlight

After changing my diet, lifestyle & becoming maintained on the prescribed medications. 

I returned to work, taking the offer of a part time Regional position specializing in Adolescence & Family counseling. 

But by June 2011, I was truly struggling physically. Life had thrown some very unexpected challenges for our family in the previous year.

And these challenges had greatly impacted the frequency & ferocity of the Fibromyalgia flares.

The accompanying mind malaise (aka fibro fog) which came with these flares was now impacting my professional life, especially my ability to communicate effectively.

Effective communication is critical for a Supervising Clinical Counselor, therefore I thought a short sabbatical was the key until I could return.

That was nine years ago, that short sabbatical has been extended & extended!

Over this time I have grieved the loss of many things from my old life.

The mid dimension of the landscape is painted

You see up to that point in my life I thought I already had some dark colors applied to the canvas of my life, you can read more here.

But chronic illness has been the greatest challenge I have ever had to endure! And darkened the canvas of my life in a way nothing else has!

Because chronic conditions bring a constant battle, not only physically but also emotionally & spiritually.

And Fibromyalgia can be particularly fierce, as this condition has cycles of flaring & non flaring with no set pattern to these cycles.

Unfortunately the only constant in this condition is the chronic pain, changing its intensity, either more or less, with each new cycle. But the pain is always there!

You see when experiencing a non flaring cycle, which can last sometimes for several weeks to months, you can be tricked into thinking that maybe, just maybe your turn for physical healing is nearing! 

Then wham out of left field your hit with an intense debilitating flare (intensity of all symptoms)…& hot on its heels is discouragement…the Battle ensues.

The highlights of the foreground

However, over the past fourteen years I have realized that the very thing that has darkened my canvas as never before has also highlighted my canvas as never before!

For the darker, as well as the brighter colors have been applied by the Master Painter for nothing comes to us but by His hand!

And I have found amazing treasures in my relationship with Him that were previously hidden before this time of my life. 

The shadowing has revealed new depths & dimensions to His love.

Hidden treasures are revealed in the dimensions of the landscape

The greatest treasure revealed to me over this time has been that I can relax & know that He is God! 

Now I know that this may sound rather simple & maybe even cliché, as after all that wisdom is clearly found in Psalm 46:10.

But truly I cannot express how releasing this has been!

You see, I have come to realize that before living with chronic health conditions, I carried a heavy weight of responsibility for my clients, my loved ones & for all those who don’t know His love yet.

I had taken on a heavy burden that was simply not mine to carry.

In surrendering this weight to Him by letting go & relaxing in knowing that God is God in my life, in the lives of my loved ones & in the lives of those whom He brings across my path.

Has issued in a new depth to experiencing His peace, strength & courage as never before. 

It’s now pure joy to simply share this painting of my life that He is creating. With its dark hues, bright colors & highlights in all its dimensions. Especially His light that shines upon this canvas!

What hidden treasures have you found my friend?

Until next time, 


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35 thoughts on “Hidden Treasures of Darkness revealed

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  1. Jennifer, your ability to communicate the wondrous truths of God’s Word and how it relates to our lives is always encouraging. God is sovereign and and I can rest in His goodness and love. He is always present in our pain and suffering. Bless you my sweet friend, I am praying for you.

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  2. Jennifer, I LOVE a good object lesson and this post did not disappoint! I am blessed to read about your story, and so sorry to learn of your health issues. My husband was diagnosed with severe celiac 10 years ago, in addition to several health related issues. Your view on Isaiah 45:3 is illuminating, I read that many times viewing the darkness as the hard places of life, which I suppose it is, but remembering we need the darkness to show the light is comforting. Thank you!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Donna! I’m saddened to learn your husband has health issues.
      Yes His light shines brightest in the darkest moments in our lives 😀
      I answered your email, just wondering if you received it?


  3. I think so many of us carry the burdens we aren’t meant to carry. I certainly did for many years. I always think of the verse in Matthew about “my yoke is easy and my burden light” when I get carried away with my own importance.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, I think cultural, societal & familial pressures have a great bearing upon this tendency as well. That scripture is a good one to remember when we are tempted to take on that which is not ours to carry Elizabeth. Thank you! 😀

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  4. Jennifer, your chronic illnesses, and the struggles they cause certainly do provide the dark background in your life. The fact that you use them to be able to see the Light is a testament to God’s grace and your strong character.

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  5. Dear Jennifer,
    Oh, amen, I can attest along with you, how great God’s light has been magnified for me as I have had to face the darkness of living with chronic illness. Thank you for sharing your heart with us here. I am so blessed by this journey where He has brought a: ” new depth to experiencing His peace, strength & courage as never before.” As difficult as it is, He truly does bring us His hidden treasures in the darkness. I am so very grateful that God confirmed His Word for each of us this week, in the weaving together of our thoughts! Blessings and love to you dear friend.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s so lovely to be able to share our journey’s with each other Bettie. But also knowing our heavenly Father is carrying us through the dark nights, the brighter days & highlighting His comfort along the way. Bless you sweet friend ♥


  6. Ahhh, Jennifer. I am so sorry that you have these companions on your journey. It’s beautiful to read how God has taught you and added dimensions to your life in the dark places. Thank you for sharing His light, even amid your struggles. His light shines through your words here. You offer a valuable perspective!

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  7. Jennifer, I am glad I read this today as it encouraged me. The Lord is with us in our darkest days, His Light shining through to remind us He is with us. He Himself, His Presence, is the treasure in darkness we can find and hold near. Such a comfort!

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  8. Jennifer, after this major move across three states, selling a house, and moving into a temporary apartment, and everything else, I am absolutely exhausted. I forgot I have Fibromyalgia and was hoping to feel better soon. You have reminded me that God knows and is in charge. Oh, praise be to the One Who Who knows all and created me too! I needed to be here today.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Linda, I didn’t realise you have Fibromyalgia too.
      That puts a whole another level on your recent move! I totally empathize & understand sweet friend.
      But more importantly God understands!🌹


  9. Jennifer I love the way you communicated the truth of the treasures of the darkness in your own life. Such beautiful imagery still lingers with me as I finish reading this. I do indeed undersand about the treasures of the darkness, and rejoice in His perfect will no matter what we face.

    Liked by 1 person

  10. Hi Jennifer,

    I have become familiar with fibromyalgia and its shadows these last several years. You’ve represented it well. I am only learning to accept its colors and dark places in the same way, but God is teaching me to trust Him more deeply. Thank you for mentoring my heart today.

    Peace and grace,

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Tammy I’m saddened to hear you too have FM it’s a difficult & tiresome companion to travel with.

      But I’m delighted that you are trusting God more deeply as you journey with it. For He is the greatest traveling companion of all! Blessings to you sweet friend ❤️


  11. I’m so sorry for these health issues, Jennifer. I’ve often thought that I could serve the Lord better without the health issues He has allowed. But instead, He uses those issues to shape my ministry to others. What a neat analogy of the dark parts of a canvas showing up the light all the more.

    Liked by 1 person

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